Benjamin Adegbuyi Talks Training with Professional Rival Rico Verhoeven

(GLORY Sports International)

To say that there is a bit of a logjam at heavyweight in kickboxing would be an understatement. Rico Verhoeven is the reigning GLORY Heavyweight Champion and at times feels like he is without peer. Contract negotiations, a dream match with Badr Hari and a non-title match with Ismael Lazaar gave the champion some time off from defending the GLORY title, since then challengers have been lining up, with Benjamin Adegbuyi at the front of the line.

Of course, Adegbuyi has fought Rico before. Twice. He’s also lost to Rico. Twice. While some fighters would throw their hands up, get frustrated or upset, Adegbuyi’s response was to train with the champion and learn from him and his trainer, Dennis Krauweel. In this video GLORY documents both Kraueweel and Adegbuyi’s thoughts on their time together, his upcoming fight and another possible showdown with Verhoeven.