Anissa Meksen ‘Is Who She Is’ Heading Into Dehby Fight at GLORY 53

Anissa Meksen is not  who you thinks she is.  Is she a feminist, is she just  kickboxer, or is she a revolutionary, someone set on a course to make history in a male dominated sport? I still don’t know, but what I did find out is that she is a woman in the combat sports community set on making her mark and doing it by any means necessary. She’s educated, possessing a Master’s Degree and she has a combat sports CV that most would envy. Meksen began her journey at age 12 accompanying her older brother to the gym.  Since [read more]

Artem Vakhitov on a Potential Challenge From Pavel Zhuravlev: “Good Luck”

In case you missed it, shots were fired following Glory 52: Los Angeles.  The sniper? Pavel Zhuralev.  During media events surrounding his bout against Myron Dennis, Zhuralev made his aspirations clear, a shot at Artem Vakhitov. Vakhitov was gracious enough to speak with me regarding this as well as give an update on his injury rehabilitation. Regarding Zhuralev, he stated: “Pavel is a worthy fighter, and I understand his desire to fight me as a division champion. Many fans are waiting for our fight, and probably if nothing happens to Pavel, he will be my next rival. His statement that [read more]

Artem Vakhitov Ready for His Return, Open to Challenges at Heavyweight and More

I’m a person that truly believes that the eyes are the mirror to the soul.  Naturally I was extremely excited to meet and interview current light heavyweight champion, Artem Vakhitov.  I wanted to catch a glimpse of what his opponents see in their staredowns, what makes him tick. Fortunately, prior to the grand slam Glory 51 I had that opportunity to meet and speak with him.  If nothing else I can say, he is more than meets the eye. Artem Vakhitov, like many practitioners of the sport began at an early age, beginning with karate at age six and later [read more]

Aline Pereira, Sister of Alex, Ready for WGP 39

Saturday July 22nd, WGP, the premiere kickboxing organization south of the border presents WGP 39. There’s a familiar name on the card, Pereira, but it’s probably not the one you’re thinking. It’s not Alex Pereira, it’s his younger sister, Aline Pereira. At just 26 years of age and just over two years experience, this young lady has already chalked up an impressive 19-18-1 record and is charging full steam ahead for her WGP debut. On her journey from 2015 to the present, Aline stated, ” I never thought to fight in my life, but always followed and encouraged my brother [read more]

Jhonata Diniz Promises to Put on a Good Show at GLORY 42

In 2012 Jhonata Diniz entered the ranks of Glory with a solid decision win against Sebastien van Thielen at Glory 2: Brussels. Since that tie he’s racked up a 3-3 record in Glory with match ups against some of the most well known heavyweights in the world including Rico Verhoeven, Daniel Ghita and Hesdy Gerges. While these three names represent his three losses in the organization, Diniz continues to work at honing his craft and achieving his dream of being the best in the world. After nearly a two year absence from the Glory ring, Diniz returned in January at [read more]

Massaro Glunder on Last Minute GLORY 42 Fight: ‘I just come to fight, throw bombs’

Massaro Glunder is not your average 22 year old. Let’s forget the fact that he’s the son of Rodney Glunder, or that he’s already faced many of the best and brightest in combat sports including a recent MMA bout that he accepted on two hours notice against Andy Souwer. Glunder has a 29-8-4 record overall and has been champion in both W5 and KOK. On Saturday, June 10th, Glunder will be on the biggest stage in kickboxing, making his debut in the Glory lightweight contender tournament, facing off against Denmark’s Niclas Larsen. At age 22 the road to the big [read more]

Mohammed Abdallah Reflects on GLORY 41 Debut

The face of combat sports is an ever changing landscape of challengers and champions. One of the newest faces is Mohamed Abdallah. Abdallah made his Glory debut in Den Bosch at Glory 41 as a short notice replacement for Xavier Vigney in the heavyweight tournament. Fighting out of Mike’s Gym in Holland, this 22 year old native of Germany has a combined fight record of 12-2-0. Among his achievements, Abdallah was the 2015 German National Champion as well as the 2016 Intercontinental European and World Champion, very impressive since Abdallah only began his professional career two years ago. Abdallah’s beginnings [read more]