Artem Vakhitov on a Potential Challenge From Pavel Zhuravlev: “Good Luck”

(GLORY Sports International)

In case you missed it, shots were fired following Glory 52: Los Angeles.  The sniper? Pavel Zhuralev.  During media events surrounding his bout against Myron Dennis, Zhuralev made his aspirations clear, a shot at Artem Vakhitov.

Vakhitov was gracious enough to speak with me regarding this as well as give an update on his injury rehabilitation.

Regarding Zhuralev, he stated:

“Pavel is a worthy fighter, and I understand his desire to fight me as a division champion. Many fans are waiting for our fight, and probably if nothing happens to Pavel, he will be my next rival. His statement that I’m afraid of boxing with him, caused me only a smile, most likely, Pavel is trying to warm up even more interest in our meeting by giving such comments. GLORY has already heard from Zack Mwekassa and Ariel Machado loud statements, but their promises to defeat me in the first rounds were just words. I’m still ready to defend my title with any of the worthy contenders. And I can wish Pavel good luck!”

As far as his readiness to re-enter the ring, here are Vakhitov’s thoughts on that subject:

“At the moment, I have recovered from the injury, and have started full-fledged training in my native hall in the Mayakovskiy Palace of Culture in the city of Prokopyevsk. Here I will prepare for the next fight. I’m in perfect physical and combat form, and I’m ready to return to the ring. About the nearest fight I can say – follow the official information from the organization GLORY.”

I for one am definitely pleased to hear that Vakhitov is now fully combat ready and like many other combat fans look forward to his meeting with Zhuralev in the ring. Whatever the date, for now, we’ll all have to stay tuned. This fight is destined to be a banger!