Anissa Meksen ‘Is Who She Is’ Heading Into Dehby Fight at GLORY 53

Amel Dehby and Anissa Meksen Square Off (GLORY Sports International/James Law)

Anissa Meksen is not  who you thinks she is.  Is she a feminist, is she just  kickboxer, or is she a revolutionary, someone set on a course to make history in a male dominated sport? I still don’t know, but what I did find out is that she is a woman in the combat sports community set on making her mark and doing it by any means necessary. She’s educated, possessing a Master’s Degree and she has a combat sports CV that most would envy.

Meksen began her journey at age 12 accompanying her older brother to the gym.  Since that time she has risen and stands today asking “Who wants some?!” to anyone who thinks they might.   Her beauty, strength, humility and femininity are hard to ignore and just a few of the qualities that make up this incredibly simple yet complex woman who has spent the last eighteen years of her life set on  course to become a dominant force in her sport. She is the current Bantamweight champion in Glory and also has held numerous championship titles in Europe including the top spot in Savate in her home country of France.   If you ask her, who she is, she simply replies that, she “is who she is”. Saturday night at Glory 53 in Lille France she is again determined to prove that Glory is her forum and that she is the Queen. With a record of 4-0-0 in Glory she will  face fellow countrywoman, Amel Dehby. Dehby who has had only one-third of Meksen’s experience is in for a fight. Leading up to this event Anissa stated that no special preparation went into her training for the fight against Dehby. Meksen instead, revealed that her training is a constant process as opposed preparing for events as they are scheduled.  In other words, she stays ready so she doesn’t have to get ready. While many fighters may struggle with pre-fight weight issues, Meksen stated that she maintains more-or-less the same weight of 52kg and at times has to climb at times to remain eligible to fight in her weight class.

What makes Meksen an exciting fighter?  Personally, I believe she has great footwork and head movement, she’s aggressive, fast and very calculated, not simply relying on delivering the single devastating blow, but applying steady pressure and damage through high volume punches and kicks.   She doesn’t behave like an emotional fighter, but an educated one. Another great thing about her is that while she is very humble, she’s very serious about her life and goals and has no apologies. No apologies for who she is, where she’s been or what she would like to achieve in her life.    According to Meksen, “Kickboxing isn’t the easiest life and I have chosen it and my plan is to take it as far as I can”.

While many kickboxers today also have MMA aspirations, Meksen’s eyes are one prize and that is  to remain a champion in Glory as long and possible. After that, who knows. For any person, having a life plan is essential.  Part of her plan includes motherhood, but not for a while. Until then it looks like we can look forward to one after another exciting fights with her in the ring, next stop Glory 53 on Saturday, May 12th at the Zenith Arena, Lille.

Fans who wish to follow Anissa on social media can check her out on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram by searching for “Anissa Meksen”.