Aline Pereira, Sister of Alex, Ready for WGP 39

Saturday July 22nd, WGP, the premiere kickboxing organization south of the border presents WGP 39. There’s a familiar name on the card, Pereira, but it’s probably not the one you’re thinking. It’s not Alex Pereira, it’s his younger sister, Aline Pereira. At just 26 years of age and just over two years experience, this young lady has already chalked up an impressive 19-18-1 record and is charging full steam ahead for her WGP debut. On her journey from 2015 to the present, Aline stated,

” I never thought to fight in my life, but always followed and encouraged my brother in his fights. One day he invited me to go and train. At the end of the practice session, he told me that he thought I was cut out to fight and to become champion! At first I really didn’t like to train and fight, but my brother was very insistent in trying to change my mind and it worked! Today I will debut in the biggest event in Latin America! I am very excited to be in this event. My brother is an inspiration to me, but he also inspires many others around the world!”

The family pride is mutual as Alex Pereira said of his sister:

“I am very happy for the lightning evolution and achievements of my sister, and all in such a short time. She is very strong, fast and smart. When she began kickboxing I told her that we were going to train her to be a champion and that I already had a vision of her fighting in Glory. Today she knows her potential and also believes she can reach that level.”

In 2014, Alex Pereira captivated audiences in Zagreb and around the world with a stunning debut knockout of Dustin Jacoby at Glory 14. In the same night he went on to defeat fellow middleweight Sahak Parparyan. For sure it will be an equally exciting night of fights in Brazil as the world will find out if it truly runs in the family when Aline Pereira faces Rayane Vieira at WGP 39!