Mohammed Abdallah Reflects on GLORY 41 Debut

Mohammed Abdallah (GLORY Sports International/James Law)
Mohammed Abdallah (GLORY Sports International/James Law)

The face of combat sports is an ever changing landscape of challengers and champions. One of the newest faces is Mohamed Abdallah. Abdallah made his Glory debut in Den Bosch at Glory 41 as a short notice replacement for Xavier Vigney in the heavyweight tournament. Fighting out of Mike’s Gym in Holland, this 22 year old native of Germany has a combined fight record of 12-2-0. Among his achievements, Abdallah was the 2015 German National Champion as well as the 2016 Intercontinental European and World Champion, very impressive since Abdallah only began his professional career two years ago.

Abdallah’s beginnings in the sport came somewhat randomly at age 14 when he began training mainly as a means of losing weight. While many of his peers found an outlet on the pitch playing soccer, it was kickboxing for Abdallah as he described himself as having “two left feet” when it came to soccer. The byproduct of these early beginnings was weight loss, increased confidence and a love for the sport. Fast forward eight years later, he has made his way to to big stage fulfilling two of his dreams, to train with Mike Passenier and to fight for Glory, the world’s premiere kickboxing organization.

Abdallah describes himself as very aggressive in the ring, enjoying pushing the pace in each round. Outside the ring, however, he describes himself as a very light-hearted family oriented person. In conversation with Abdallah, he also demonstrates maturity and humility, two characteristics that undoubtedly help me manage the hectic lifestyle of a fighter. And the challenges of this lifestyle, what it really means to be a fighter aren’t lost on this young man. While at his age, most of his peers are consumed with school, dating and the social scene, Abdallah has set upon a different path opting for a more disciplined lifestyle that consists of training twice daily, separation from his family and maintaining a healthy diet. He sees these sacrifices as worth his long-term goals. While his fight career is a full time job of sacrifice, he cites the support of his family and friends as the main thing that helps him get through each day. Family and making his mother proud are his biggest motivators. Abdallah states that his mother is one of his biggest supporters and has been present at nearly all of his fights.

When not training, Abdallah states that he most enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Swimming, enjoying a nice meal, just engaging in relaxing activities are his favorite past times. These times, however are few and far between these days as Abdallah emphasizes the importance of remaining steadfast on his training regimen.

Despite his loss at Glory 41 he remains optimistic and excited for the possibilities. He describes himself as hungry and determined.

Abdallah thanks Mike Passenier, his coach for the training and opportunities as well as his other coaches Oscar Roqué for the boxtraining, Coach Youri for the kickboxing lessons and coaches Frits and Melayno for the fitness training. Abdallah additionally extends his gratitude to his cousin Yasser for all the support as well as Yousri Belgaroui and Angelo Bos for their support and love.
Finally, he thanks his family who have let him live the life he’s wanted and supported his efforts to achieve his dreams.

In this sport, sponsorship plays a big part in the day to day existence of each fighter. Abdallah’s sponsors currently include:
HACANDO, NoWi Bauträger GmbH& Co. Kg Sinzig, Café Friuli Remagen, and M&M Haustechnik Sinzig. Abdallah extends his gratitude to these entities who also play a major role in supporting him and his pursuit of his dream.

For fans wanting to stay abreast of developments in this young fighter’s career you can also follow him on Facebook at Mohamed Abdallah-Londero or on Instgram @mo_abdallah. He thanks his fans and supporters and encourages them to keep watch as exciting things are on the horizon.