A Look Forward to GLORY 45 Amsterdam

On September 30th GLORY returns to its spiritual home of Amsterdam, the Netherlands for what is shaping up to be one of the better-looking events of the year. The recent shake-up in the Nieky Holzken fight of Yoann Kongolo being replaced by legitimate top-contender Alim Nabiyev has made GLORY’s Welterweight division a bit more interesting, making it exciting to look forward to the event as a whole and what the future could be.

MMA has had the oddsmakers busy this year, plenty of betting sites have been getting in on the action. After you check out our analysis,the sites featured on this list are probably a good start to get in on the GLORY action.  If you are like countless other combat sports fans, you want some insight heading into future events to see if it’s worth your time and money. That’s — hopefully — what we’re here to provide you with.

GLORY Featherweight Championship

Robin van Roosmalen (C) vs. Serhiy Adamchuk

Serhiy Adamchuk, the former GLORY Featherweight Champion, will once again challenge for the title that he helped to build the legacy of against current champion, Robin van Roosmalen. This is one of those fights that is incredibly difficult to pick. Adamchuk has had dominant performances at both featherweight and lightweight, but he’s also had incredibly disappointing performances at featherweight.

Van Roosmalen has been overcoming odds and has sharpened his style of late, making him  a possible favorite heading into this bout. Adamchuk has the ability to nullify offense of his opponents, usually, but that works best against fighters who look for range and use more kicks, while van Roosmalen wants to get in close to work his punches, meaning that for Adamchuk to fight his fight he’ll need to put himself in clear danger.

Nieky Holzken vs. Alim Nabiyev

When this was Nieky Holzken vs. Yoann Kongolo, regardless of the skill of Kongolo, it felt like another inevitable Holzken victory leading to another inevitable Holzken title shot. Yet now a newcomer to GLORY will enter the ring and the thing is, he has a very, very good shot at winning. The 22-year-old Ukrainian fighter has shown tremendous skill and composure for his age and should given Holzken an incredible fight. He’s a smart, defensive fighter who is comfortable when pressured and countering, which against Nieky Holzken puts him in a favorable position.

That being said the experience of Holzken, as well as what will probably be an overwhelmingly pro-Holzken crowd will make it difficult for him to pick up a victory when judges are hearing nothing but roars for every punch thrown by Holzken. Holzken would have to be the favorite here, but this fight could be close.

Light Heavyweight Tournament

Michael Duut vs. Dragos Zubco

Michael Duut is a frustrating, but talented and exciting fighter. If you can drag him into a brawl he’ll gladly follow and throw nothing but bombs in response. He’ll also get hit — a lot — and find himself in danger when he shouldn’t be. The thing is, Zubco has the same proclivity, making this an exciting fight that leans heavily in Duut’s favor.

Imad Hadar vs. Manny Mancha

Imad Hadar is a guy who had a lot of hype leading up to his debut. Fans have been likening him to Badr Hari for his whole career and he had a chance to show the world that he could live up to that hype. Hadar came out strong against Kemayo, but fell to the veteran in a stunning upset. He gets another chance against a game, but perhaps underrated Manny Mancha. While Mancha’s style might not wow fans like Hadar’s, he can get the job done and has shown that in his two GLORY fights against Andre Walker and Warren Thompson. Hadar is a step-up in competition for him, meaning that Hadar should win, but as Hadar showed against Kemayo, what should happen doesn’t always happen.