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LiverKick Rankings Update for March, 2018: New Welterweight, Lightweight and Featherweight Kings

The LiverKick Rankings are updated quarterly, which means that these are about a month-and-a-half late, but that just meant more work for us in tabulating the rankings and taking timelines into account. So, with that being said, the LiverKick Rankings are updated, rage accordingly. Let’s take a look at the major changes since the October update. Heavyweight Not a ton of movement here, but the movement that did happen was important. Benjamin Adegbuyi reclaimed his #2 spot with a tournament victory, while Guto Inocente moves down for being in the same tournament, not losing, but not winning, either (he had [read more]

LiverKick Rankings Update 10/17/2017: New Welterweight and Middleweight Kings

It’s been three months, which means that it’s once again that time for the quarterly LiverKick Rankings update. Jay Jauncey and myself (Dave Walsh) have gone through the records for each fighter and updated the Official LiverKick Rankings accordingly. Let’s dive right into the changes. Heavyweight There wasn’t exactly a ton of movement on here, but there was some and it was important. D’Angelo Marshall was bumped out after just making his way into the rankings thanks to Luis Tavares defeating the #8 Jahfarr Wilnis. That means that Wilnis goes down a spot, along with Ibrahim El Bouni losing his [read more]

LiverKick Rankings Update for 7/24/2017: Things Change, Also Stay the Same

That’s right, it’s been three months, which means that it’s that time again for the official LiverKick Rankings to get a solid scrubbing. For those that want to hear some of the details that we go into about specific changes, you can actually listen to Jay and myself talk about these changes on the latest iteration of the LiverKick Podcast, available for your listening pleasure. As always, I’ll go over some of these bigger changes here. Heavyweight Oh heavyweight, or how Benjamin Adegbuyi lost his groove. Guto Inocente picked up a big win over him and jumped up allllll the [read more]