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The 2017 LiverKick Awards: Rising Star — Tenshin Nasukawa

There are times when you need to adjust your thinking to make way for greatness, because thinking in the “old way” would mean ignoring the future. Tenshin Nasukawa is not a prospect, yet he did many things in 2017 that have worked to show potential for the future, not just for himself, but for kakutougi as a whole in Japan. So instead of crowning him the Prospect of the Year for perhaps a second time, the award is being adjusted to the “Rising Star” award. If you’ve been following Japanese MMA and kickboxing in 2017, you’ll understand why. If not, [read more]

The 2017 LiverKick Awards: Knockout of the Year – Antonio Plazibat’s Flying Knee

There were a lot of really, really good knockouts in 2017. Usually there are a few real big standouts, but in 2017 there was a pretty dense selection of knockouts to choose from as the knockout of the year that it became difficult to narrow down the field to just one, defining moment. So, in a way, this year’s LiverKick Knockout of the Year is one that is overflowing with symbolism on top of the brutality. Because, at the core of it, that’s what knockouts are: brutality. Two fighters enter the ring and our job, as spectators, is to wish [read more]

The 2017 LiverKick Awards: Fighter of the Year – Rico Verhoeven

In a way, selecting the 2017 fight of the year was a lot easier than it should have been. While there were a lot of standout fighters in 2017, including a lot of fighters that went on to become world champions or do incredible things, nobody really had a crazy year. Superbon, who was easily the fighter of the year, suffered a loss near the tail end of the year that helped to bring him down just a peg or two. A loss or two shouldn’t really derail someone, but when it comes to measuring who the most important fighter [read more]