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Van Soest vs. Meksen is a Clash of American Muay Thai and European Kickboxing

On the GLORY 48 SuperFight Series GLORY Super Bantamweight Champion Tiffany “Timebomb” Van Soest is set to clash with international kickboxing sensation Anissa Meksen in a highly-anticipated bout. The two women have built themselves up over the years, each with reputations within their own, respective sports: Van Soest in the American muay thai community and Meksen in the European kickboxing scene. This fight is not only a styles clash, but one of culture, as well. Tiffany van Soest has become a force of nature in America, with her muay thai fights gaining her popularity beyond the rather insular muay thai community and into [read more]

Fight Card For GLORY 48 New York: Featuring UFC Vet Thiago Silva

GLORY returns to New York with GLORY 48 on Friday, December 1st featuring an Interim Featherweight Championship bout between challenger Kevin VanNostrand and the winner of the GLORY 47 Featherweight tournament. That sound new? Champion Robin van Roosmalen is suffering from an eye injury and won’t be able to fight on December 1st, so an Interim belt will be created and the winner will fight van Roosmalen at a later date. This also features the debut of former UFC fighter Thiago Silva. Silva is a renowned MMA striker with a complicated past, including allegations of domestic abuse that unfolded during [read more]