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Enfusion Consolidates Brands Into One Simple Name: Enfusion

For five years now, Enfusion has been bringing to the world its own brands of interesting events. Most of us in the kickboxing world have forgone their extraneous branding of Enfusion Live for their proper events, Enfusion Kickboxing Talents for their undercards, Enfusion Rookies for their up-and-comers and Enfusion Reality for their reality television series. Most of us just call everything “Enfusion” and let the rest be sorted out afterwards. As the promotion continues to run more and more events, acquiring bigger and better names in the world of kickboxing and hosting events in new and exciting venues, they’ve decided [read more]

Fight Card for Enfusion Live #52 Zwolle: 85kg Enfusion League

On September 16th Enfusion Live kicks off their 85kg Enfusion League with a big event in Zwolle, the Netherlands. With three big league fights headlining the card they also found room for the vacant Women’s 61kg World Championship to be decided between Niahm Kinehan and Orinta van der Zee. The league fights are Ulrik Bokeme vs. Mehdi Bouanane, Filip Verlinden vs. Loren Javier Jorge and Ibrahim el Boustati vs. Mauricio Costa Cardoso. Enfusion Live #52 Zwolle, The Netherlands Sept. 16 72.5kg: Khalid el Bakouri vs. Robin Ciric 72.5kg: Endy Semeleer vs. Regilio Ven Den Ent Enfusion 61kg World Championship: Niahm [read more]

Enfusion Pull Mohammed Jaraya From Enfusion League Event

Even more bad news for Enfusion Live fans looking forward to more Mohammed Jaraya fights in the Enfusion League: he’s out. It’s official, as Edin van Os, the promotion’s owner, confirmed it in an interview with Combat Point (see below with subtitles). At least sort of. Van Os claimed that there would be a punishment handed down to Jaraya and that they’d have to work around the suspension, but that he will not compete in the final tournament in Abu Dabi as punishment. MMAPlus has a part of the transcript from the above interview where van Os talks about a [read more]

Enfusion 51 Fight Card: Iman Barlow vs. Ashley Nichols

On Saturday, July 8th in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Enfusion Live returns with Enfusion Live #51. The headliner on this one is one of the best in the world in Iman Barlow taking on Canada’s own Ashley Nichols. Fightcard Iman Barlow vs. Ashley Nichols Thomas Dalziel vs. Ariel Abreu Mark MacKinnon vs. Joey George Justin Condie vs. Matthew Kendell Chris McMillan vs. Kyle Nelson Lenny Wheeler vs. Desmond Johnson

Mohammed Jaraya Suspended For Two Years After Assault on Judge

Bad news for Enfusion fans as one of their best fighters, Mohammed Jaraya, has been suspended for two years by Sectie Ringcontactsporten Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten (also known as FOG). On April 29th at an Enfusion event in the Netherlands Jaraya was frustrated with what he felt was a bad decision and took out those frustrations on official Tim van Duijn. The suspension will be retroactive to April 29th and last for a rather harsh two years for the 21-year-old fighter. Jaraya is scheduled to participate in an upcoming Enfusion Live event as part of the Enfusion League on September 30th in [read more]