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VIDEO: Remember That Catalin Morosanu is a Big Star in Romania

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that someone like Romanian kickboxer Catalin Morosanu is essentially a living legend in his home of Romania. Yet, he is. While kickboxing has had its recent struggles in Asia, Europe and has failed to really catch on in North America, in the Southeastern European nation of Romania it has a huge following. One of the many reasons why is Romanian kickboxing legend Catalin Morosanu. He’s known for his crazy, balls-to-the-wall fighting style, his never-say-die attitude and while he might look like the kind of guy you’d see guarding a drug kingpin in a superhero movie, [read more]

GLORY Announces GLORY 44 Chicago on August 25th

Traditional logic told us that if kickboxing were to get big in the United States it would be in the media capitals and muay thai-strong cities of Los Angeles and New York. While GLORY has seen some success in those markets and ran them multiple times, it feels like America’s third Metropolis in Chicago has become a far hotter market for kickboxing than the other two, perhaps in part due to the large Romanian population in the area. GLORY is looking to take full advantage of that fan base, which they previously have with fighters like Daniel Ghita, by bringing [read more]