Quick Results: EM Legend 23

(EM Legend/Facebook)

EM Legend put on their 23rd event this weekend, featuring a host of fights across multiple weight classes and two Championship finals at both 65kg and 75kg. You can see more on the EM Legend Facebook page.

Chen Jing (CHN) defeated Li Guozhen (CHN) – 52 kg

Ji Duo Yi Bu (CHN) defeated Kuang Zhi (CHN) – 60 kg

Meng Kang (CHN) defeated Yang Yulong (CHN) – 66 kg

Liang Shoutao (CHN) defeated Deng Li (CHN) – 68 kg

Rasul (RUS) defeated Mr. Katanyu (THA) by KO – 65 kg

Manas (THA) defeated Masu Yuki (JAP) by TKO – 65 kg

Islan (RUS) defeated Jordan Tai (NZL) – 75 kg

Rungrawee (THA) defeated Huo Lihui (CHN) by TKO – 75 kg

Zhao Xiaoyu (CHN) defeated Kiatchai M U De (THA) – 70 kg

Zhu Xu (CHN) defeated Ghot Seurnoi (AUS) – 60 kg

Pord (THA) defeated Xie Yuhang (CHN) – 63 kg

Zhao Chuanlin (CHN) defeated Te Pa Gao (THA) – 63 kg

Jiang Xianting (CHN) defeated Viktoria Koroshko (UKR) – 60 kg

Hai Feilong (CHN) defeated Tyson Turner (NZL) – 73 kg

Senmanee (THA) defeated Hiroya (JAP) – 65 kg

Oleg Prymachov (UKR) defeated Mikhail Tiuterev (RUS) – 93 kg


Championship Finals

Manas (THA) defeated Rasul (RUS) – 65 kg

Islan (RUS) defeated Rungrawee (THA) – 75 kg