Photo: Badr Hari is Doing Sprints With a Parachute to Prepare for… Something

(GLORY Sports International)

Let’s not be coy here, it’s confirmed that Rico Verhoeven will be participating in GLORY 59 Amsterdam, which takes place in the Amsterdam Arena (Johan Cruijff Arena). That’s not a small structure by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, the capacity is listed at 54,000. It’s Showtime ran the Amsterdam Arena a number of times over the years — mostly in conjunction with K-1 — where they always claimed 20,000 in attendance. GLORY has to have something up their sleeves for this show.

What would sell tickets at a football (soccer to us yanks) stadium in the Netherlands? Probably something involving Badr Hari and something involving Rico Verhoeven, right? So here’s a photo posted on Badr Hari’s social media yesterday of him doing sprints and looking in top condition.

What exactly is he training for? We don’t have official word just yet. Can we connect dots? We all sure can. Could it possibly be bigger than what the collective is thinking? That could be as well. We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out, but it looks like Badr Hari is preparing for a fight and he doesn’t take small fights anymore.