LiverKick Rankings Update for 7/24/2017: Things Change, Also Stay the Same

Simon Marcus recaptured his crown at GLORY 40 (GLORY Sports International/James Law)

That’s right, it’s been three months, which means that it’s that time again for the official LiverKick Rankings to get a solid scrubbing.

For those that want to hear some of the details that we go into about specific changes, you can actually listen to Jay and myself talk about these changes on the latest iteration of the LiverKick Podcast, available for your listening pleasure. As always, I’ll go over some of these bigger changes here.

Oh heavyweight, or how Benjamin Adegbuyi lost his groove. Guto Inocente picked up a big win over him and jumped up allllll the way to number two, which is pretty huge. That bumped everyone else down a spot, also saw Ibrahim El Bouni pick up a spot in the rankings with a win over Fabio Kwasi at heavyweight and D’Angelo Marshall found a spot for himself for the first time with his win over Braddock.

Light Heavyweight
GLORY has a new interim champion and that means that Pavel Zhuravlev earns his spot on the rankings at a rather comfortable number two. Everyone else slides down a spot and for now all is relatively quiet.

Simon Marcus reclaimed his throne by defeating Jason Wilnis. Yousri Belgaroui earns himself a spot by defeating Alex Pereira and Ibrahim El Boustati once again finds a home on the rankings after being on there and being removed after Verlinden had their first bout overturned. This one probably won’t, so welcome. This means that Fang Bian loses that number ten spot that he was clinging to for ages and that Cedric Doumbe was removed after twelve months of inactivity at this weight. I mean, c’mon, he’s the Welterweight king.

Just as quickly as Karim Ghajji had won the Bellator title and found a place, he loses it because Alexander Stetsurenko lost to Cyril Benzaquen, who found himself a home in the top five.

My god. What even happened here? What a mess. Robin van Roosmalen has not competed at this weight in over a year so therefore he was removed, which sadly knocks him from the rankings in general which feels really weird. Blame GLORY for axing their entire Japanese featherweight roster a few years ago. That means Petrosyan and Marat get bumped up, Jomthong is introduced for defeating Manhoef and then comes the giant changes. Wu Xuesong lost and lost twice, making crazy ripples and forcing us to add four new additions to the rankings. Things are gonna get weird at lightweight.

Masaaki Noiri is the king once again. Kaew’s reign is over, for now.

UPDATE: 8/2 — We’ve been informed by the promoter of the fight that the bout between Cyril Benzaquen and Alexander Stetsurenko was actually at 83kg, therefore the result is void for these rankings and everyone will return to their previous spot, including Karim Ghajji.

LiverKick Rankings Updated on 7/24/2017

Heavyweight (Per 7/24)
1 Rico Verhoeven
2 Guto Inocente ^
3 Benjamin Adegbuyi v
4 Roman Kryklia v
5 Jamal Ben Saddik v
6 Ismael Londt v
7 Mladen Brestovac v
8 Jahfarr Wilnis v
9 Ibrahim El Bouni *
10 D’Angelo Marshall *

Heavyweight (Per 7/24)

1 Artem Vakhitov
2 Pavel Zhuravlev *
3 Saulo Cavalari v
4 Zack Mwekassa v
5 Mourad Bouzidi v
6 Fred Sikking v
7 Michael Duut v
8 Danyo Ilunga v
9 Roman Kryklia v
10 Fabio Kwasi v
Middleweight (Per 7/24)
1 Simon Marcus ^
2 Jason Wilnis v
3 Artem Levin
4 Yousri Belgaroui *
5 Alex Pereira v
6 Israel Adesenya v
7 Ibrahim El Boustati *
8 Filip Verlinden v
9 Joe Schilling v
10 Dustin Jacoby v
Welterweight (Per 7/24)
1 Cedric Doumbe
2 Nieky Holzken
3 Artur Kyshenko
4 Murthel Groenhart
5 Alexander Stetsurenko
6 Dmitry Valent
7 Hicham El Gaoui
8 Raymond Daniels
9 Yoann Kongolo
10 Karim Ghajji
Lightweight (Per 7/24)
1 Superbon Banchamek
2 Sitthichai
3 Giorgio Petrosyan ^
4 Marat Grigorian ^
5 Jomthong *
6 Cedric Manhoef
7 Andrei Kulebin *
8  Teo Mikelic *
9 Nikola Cimesa *
10 Martin Gano *
Featherweight (Per 7/24)
1 Masaaki Noiri ^
2 Kaew Weerasakreck v
3 Qiu Jianliang v
4 Wei Rui v
5 Ren Hiramoto v
6 Gonnapar Weerasakreck v
7 Ilias Bulaid  v
8 Hideaki Yamazaki v
9 Jarunchai Kesagym *
10 Kohei Nishikawa *


* – New Addition

^ – Moved Up

v – Moved Down


The LiverKick.com rankings are living rankings that have existed in one form or another since 2009. After the initial rankings were tabulated, they moved on from there. If one fighter beats a fighter ranked above them, they take their place. If a new fighter is introduced, that means that said fighter is ranked above whomever he beat, moving everyone else down.

Fighters can drop or move up in the rankings without losing or winning, depending on the division in general. After 12 months of inactivity, or if a retirement is announced, fighters can be removed from the rankings. These rankings are also at our discretion.

  • Shawnistan

    Thanks for the update! Some of this stuff is becoming super weird though.

    – You added 5 new guys to the LW rankings and none of them are Chingiz Allazov after winning the K-1 GP? Heck, Kido (who KO’d Dahlbeck and Luke Whelan) should be there above Teo Mikelic or Martin Cimesa who so far as I can tell are mid-level even in W5 and FFC
    – 5 out of 10 of the FW ranking aren’t even 65kg. If you’re going to put on 62.5kg/67.5kg fighters, there’s a host of “close enough” guys that really should have been there before (e.g. Urabe Koya)
    – If you meant to put Nishikawa Kohei (who KO’d Kimura) on there, why wasn’t he up there in the last ranking which was made after that fight? He’s already lost to Jarunchai Kesagym since that victory btw

    • — Allazov didn’t beat anyone on the rankings. We don’t seed for tournaments anymore since it worked when there was just one huge tournament per weight class. Now? Eh. Those guys ARE mid-level and trust me, they kinda don’t belong there, but Xuesong lost to Kulebin. He lost to Cimesa, who lost to Mikelic. He also lost to Gano. This is what happens when a guy squeaks onto the rankings with one good win (Ozcan) but aren’t at that level yet; they throw everything into chaos when they eventually lose in the weight class. Trust me, we aren’t happy about this.
      — We’ve debated adding a lower weight class and revamping the FW one a bit. The problem is that right now it’s a “range” and there’s no one set-in-stone weight class underneath to rank. 55? 57? 62.5?
      — You’re right about Nishikawa. Gonna have to fix that. That’s the problem when guys don’t have easily-accessible records and switch between bigger shows and smaller ones. We try to catch everything, but it doesn’t always happen. That’s why I’m happy that it’s the internet and can easily be edited. And yeah, we missed it in March which is why it was added now.

      • Shawnistan

        Thanks for the reply!

        • Yeah.

          It’s one of those things that the decision was made almost ten years ago now between Fraser and myself that we were gonna do who-beats-who. It worked for a long time, but the more fractured the sport became the more likely that crap like this was gonna happen.

          A part of me wants to change it, but another says that it’s been built off of years of using this methodology, why change it?

          I also don’t want to be entirely too subjective with it because things can degrade quickly because of an errant opinion. For example, I always really liked Daniel Ghita. I think that I was relatively transparent about that, but who knows. If after, say, Saki beat him I decided that because Saki was using sweeps and dumps and the ref didn’t seem to care about the rules that it should be null and void. Okay, so what does that mean? Not everyone will agree with my read of the fight and some would say those sweeps were fine and not super intentional.

          Just a whole can of worms. I don’t think there is a good way to weigh someone’s merit over someone else’s, at least not in fight sports.

  • Vinmax21

    Good morning! Interesting rating, but there are some points unclear for me. For example, the fifth position in the Lightweight is Jomthong Chuwattana, but in April 2017 in the 1/16 of Kunlun Fight tournament he lost to Artem Pashporin, which is not included in your rating.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment.

      Jomthong was beaten by Pashporin before Jomthong was on the rankings. Jomthong defeated Cedric Manhoef, who was ranked, afterwards, which earned him a spot on the rankings.

      • Vinmax21

        This moment I missed. Thank you for answer me. Almost all of the fighters of the rating will take part in the KLF 65. It will be interesting to see the rankings after the tournament.