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Joe Rogan: "If Someone's Smart ... They Buy K-1"

  • Written by Dave Walsh


This is just an interesting tidbit we ran across today from Joe Rogan's podcast where he discusses a lot of fight-related stuff. He talks about how UFC is under investigation with the FTC for being a possible monopoly and that leads into how random it was that MMA caught on like it did. This leads the discussion to sports that have had a hard time of late and Joe Rogan starts talking about K-1 and how if someone like Mark Cuban were to step up to the plate and purchase K-1 that it would be a goldmine.

His line of thinking is not in any way far off from how we've been talking and it is a worth a quick listen to hear how passionate he is about it. Of course, I find it hard to agree with him that MMA is "better" and that Kickboxing and Muay Thai aren't as skilled or cerebral of sports because they lack grappling, but I do agree that people love to watch stand up fights and it is truly frustrating to see people not watch K-1, Kickboxing and Muay Thai more regularly or for more backers to take a chance on it and to do it right. To date no one has truly done Kickboxing any justice in the United States. [source]

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