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Fighter Spotlight: Sagetdao Petpaiyathai

  • Written by Dave Walsh

On August 14th Kevin Ross fought arguably the best Thai boxer in the world, Saenchai Sinbimuaythai. He did not win but in defeat he showed he could at the very least be competitive with the worlds best. Just over two months later he will get another chance against an elite Thai when he takes on Lumpinee lightweight champion, Sagetdao Petpaiyathai. Sagetdao however will bring a completely different style of fighting, something that may be even harder for Ross to deal with. The 24 year old Thai is a southpaw with a solid left kick and a fairly decent punch, but being that he's 5'10 or 5'11 his strong point would obviously be kneeing on the way into the clinch, and strong sharp knees while tying up his opponent with a plethora of different clinch techniques. Kevin Ross will likely have his chances to land on Sagetdao, as he is very hittable, particularly with punches. When he fought Liam Harrison he was able to land his kicks and knees, but ate a lot of hard punches, fortunately he has a great chin and was able to absorb them and win the fight. Another thing that could help Ross is his style. Sagetdao often fights at the pace that his opponent chooses, which may have costed him some wins. However its hard to say Ross brings something to the table that Sagetdao's never seen. He's fought and beaten one of the top foreign Thai boxers, Liam Harrison, and has wins over top Thai's like Saenchai Sinbimuaythai, Petchboonchu FA Group, Singdam Kiatmuu9, Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym, Jomthong Chuwattana, and many others. Seeing as Saenchai was able to hurt Ross to the body I find it difficult to believe he'll be able to last all 5 rounds from a fighter with a much better body assault. 

Ross can suck Sagetdao into a brawl, but he will need to be careful.


Sagetdao has good finishing instinct.

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