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It's Showtime Announces December 17 Event: Petrosyan vs. Ngimbi

  • Written by Rian Scalia

its showtime

While It's Showtime's "Fast & Furious 70MAX" event was going on yesterday, they quickly announced an event for December 17th in Amsterdam. The event will take place at The Sand, a venue It's Showtime has visited prevously this year and last year.

A somewhat long awaited match, Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Chris Ngimbi was confirmed for the card. In making this fight, it looks like It's Showtime is now trying to legitimize their world title at 70kg. Giorgio Petrosyan is easily the undisputed number one fighter at the weight. Chris Ngimbi won the belt in December, with, many people including myself thinking that he should've lost. Ngimbi hasn't done much to convince anyone that the It's Showtime 70MAX World Title is a legitimate "world" title, and losing in the 70kg tournament yesterday doesn't help his cause. Having Petrosyan as the champion would help a lot in getting the belt recognition. Mind you, if Ngimbi wins then the title is legit since he beat the number one fighter at the weight. (But let's be real here. What are the chances of Ngimbi winning?)

With this fight announcement, It's Showtime is banking on Giorgio Petrosyan having no trouble with Zeben Diaz on November 12 at their Tenerife event. I have no doubt that Petrosyan will win, but with his recurring hand injury, it's tough to predict if he'll make it through the bout without re-aggravating his hand.

Mosab Amrani and Robert van Nimwegen were among other fighers announced for the event. We'll have more information on the event when It's Showtime makes a more official release on their website.

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