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Listen to Steven Wright and Dave Walsh Break Down This Weekend's Kickboxing Cards

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking with a guy you all should know by now, Steven Wright for a while. Steve is a guy that has been around the fight industry for a while now. Be it fighting himself, training UFC-level fighters or filming his upcoming documentary on the kickfighting world, he is a guy you should know. Steve has a pretty awesome podcast that has been going strong for most of this year, Warman's Kickfighting Show. Basically if something big is happening, he talks about it. Yesterday I spoke with Steve for the better part of an hour about this weekend's upcoming shows, from It's Showtime's Fast and Furious 70kg MAX tournament, K-1's MAX Japan tournament to the Thai Fight Extreme card. We talk about it all and technology only hates us a few times. Make sure to visit the home of the show and subscribe on itunes as well. You should also be following him on Twitter because there will be a lot of shows and a lot of talk about them coming up.

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