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Sign Up For LiverKick's Kountermove GLORY 16 Tournament

  • Written by Dave Walsh


My my, isn't Kickboxing growing into something that people can really sink their teeth into? If you've been following MMA online you've probably heard of this Kountermove thing. Right? I mean, it's pretty much everywhere right now, with it being one of the top MMA Fantasy sites out there in the ether of the internet. Well, they've branched out a little bit and will be running GLORY 16 tournaments. When I heard about this I knew that it was time to immediately hop onto this and get all of the awesome LiverKick readers out there in on this.

So here we go, the first LiverKick Kountermove tournament for GLORY 16.

This is, what we call, a "free roll" tournament, which means that it won't cost you anything to enter. Pretty cool, right? That means it won't cost you anything to sign up and play. The way the game works is simple; you have a salary cap and each fighter costs x-amount of dollars to draft onto your team. You try to pick the best team with your money.

If you are curious about the current odds for GLORY 16, check out MMA Oddsbreaker for the opening lines on the fights (also my own betting preview will be up there shortly).

So don't forget to sing up now and check out Kountermove for the LiverKick GLORY 16 tournament, winner takes home $50.

Now, if you want my opinion on who your must-picks are for your Kountermove choices, you are probably in the right place for that.



  • Easy Money
  • Artem Levin ($5600) - It's not that his opponent is not good, it's that Artem Levin is still very clearly one of the top Middleweights in the world and has been for years. His unorthodox style, his swagger and his ability to smother even the best of opponents makes him a must pick. There are still those that debate Joe Schilling's win over Levin, citing the second knockdown as suspect (just don't tell Joe that), but either way, Artem Levin belongs on that platform as one of the very best in the world.
  • The Underdog
  • Marc de Bonte ($4500) - Yeah, we know, these guys have met before and both guys have been floating around weight classes. Karapetyan has a more recent fight and de Bonte was shelved from GLORY 13 due to a programming decision to include an American. What I'm saying here is that de Bonte is hungry, he's angry, he's talented and he's motivated. No matter how you break it down, Nieky Holzken was a huge challenge for de Bonte, perhaps the biggest in his career. Karapetyan is no pushover, for sure, but he's the late addition here.
  • Too Close to Call
  • Artem Vakhitov ($4800) vs. Igor Jurkovic ($4800) - Both guys have their upsides, both have their downsides. Jurkovic has more experience against top competition, but also has some tough losses. Vakhitov is a young, fresh face, but he doesn't have the experience. This is a nightmare of a pick 'em.

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