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Weekend Results: Thai Fight and MAX Muay Thai

  • Written by Dave Walsh

MAX Muay Thai

Man, I picked a pretty packed weekend to go on vacation, didn't I? Then again, most of the weekends are packed and I've been working 60 hour weeks for the past few months, so maybe any weekend would do in that case, right? I kind of agree, just because I needed to not do any work for an extended period of time or else I was fearing that I'd be seeing my walls made out of gold bricks because the Federal Reserve is a conspiracy and driving axes through doors while my girlfriend looks not-so-pleased.

So this weekend there were two bigger events, Thai Fight and MAX Muay Thai, both of the Muay Thai persuasion and both featuring some solid names and solid fights. Thai Fight was the standard Thai Fight fare of bigger name Thais against some okay competition which sees the Thais walk away with some cool looking wins and everyone goes home happy.

MAX Muay Thai gave a bit more by the way of competitive fights to fans, including a one night, four man tournament. There were some legitimately interesting bouts on the card such as Aikpracha against Warren Stevelmans as well as Sitthichai against Juri Jehl and already fans went home with a bit of a better feeling than they did from the Thai Fight card, or, well, at least we all did.

Thai Fight 2013

Leo Pinto (R3 - Dec.) Barateau

Yak Dam (R3 - Dec.) Merryweather

Youseff Boughanem (R3 - Dec.) Peemai

Fakmongkhol (R1 - TKO) Alesio Angelo

Saiyok  (R2 - KO) Michael Piscitello

Iquezang (R3 - Dec.) Victor Nunes

Antoine Pinto (R3 - Dec.) Tu Warren

Yodsanklai Fairtex (R2 - TKO) Kazbek Zubayraer


MAX Muay Thai

Tournament Semi-Finals: Fabio Pinca (R3 - Dec.) Diesellek Sor Udoonmuang

Tournament Semi-Finals: Victor Ngabe (R3 - Dec.) Rhassan Muhareb

Aikpracha (R3 - Dec.) Warren Stevelmans

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong (R3 - Dec.) Juri Jehl

Douchonlek (R3 - Dec.) Alka Matewa

Tournament Finals: Victor Ngabe (R3 - Dec.) Fabio Pinca

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