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Daniel Ghita is Prepared for Glory 9 New York

  • Written by Dave Walsh


The sport of Kickboxing is one that is still growing and evolving every day, even if it has been around for quite a while now. If you need proof of that, look no further than Daniel Ghita, who fights this weekend at Glory 9 New York against Brice Guidon. Ghita, a Romanian fighter, began as a bruiser whose kicks were his best weapon. Since then Ghita has evolved not only as a fighter but as a sportsman as well. He shows a media savvy and professional attitude at all times.


As always, we caught up with Daniel Ghita before his next fight and asked him some questions, because, c'mon, who doesn't like hearing from Daniel Ghita? He's heading into his first fight on American soil looking to pick up a big win and impress American fans and we think that we will be in for one helluva fight.

LK: Brice Guidon is a tough, underrated fighter who has had some strong showings over the past few years, what do you see as Guidon's biggest strength that you have to look out for?

DG: I do not prefer to talk about the skills of other fighters. He is a good strong fighter, one not to underestimate. I will have to look and be very aware, he has a different style of fighting.

LK: Both of you guys are coming off of back-to-back losses, which has been known to push fighters harder than before. What do you have to do against Guidon to make sure that you pick up the win?

DG: Simply just get in the ring and do your job. Honestly, we all have ups and downs. I say many times, we are not machines, we are human and can make mistakes. At the top of this sport every simple mistake can cost you the match. You can lose and you can win. I do not feel pushed after I lose a match. I do a “total recall,” translated, I start again from zero . I leave the past in the past and think just what I can do in the present. I know, people get disappointed I do not talk in public about my colleagues.

LK: Did you get injured after that sweep from Saki in the last fight? It seemed like something was off with you after that sweep. Do you feel like it changed the landscape of the fight?

DG: I lost my balance for a second, I fell down on my hand and hurt myself. It was terrible pain. People were talking that I broke my hand! Believe me, the next day I was sitting with Saki and having a friendly conversation. We both were injured! It was a fight like other fights. I will not say that I had a bad day. I had a difficult period before this match, which had a bad influence on me. It is private and do not want to discuss it in public. Some things in our life we can not control, even a top sportsman. On every interview people are asking me just two questions: Saki and Semmy! Honestly it makes me really laugh.

LK: What do you consider you need to do to get back on top of the Heavyweight division right now?

DG: I think I'm in the top ranking 3? What is top? Hahaha, I just continue what I started 19 years before, this sport I do is my passion. This sport made me what I'm today.

LK: Looking beyond the fight with Guidon, who would you like to fight next?

DG: Every fighter at Glory is for welcome! No preference! Ok, ok, maybe Pierre Andurand? Hahahaha He is incredible guy, very good with his fighters and saw that he is fighting too.

LK: This is your first fight in the United States, are you looking forward to fighting in the United States? Have you ever visited here?

DG: NYC was a dream of mine ! I will visit for the first time United States . I’m very happy that I have this opportunity now to fight for my fans in the US and I really look forward and can’t wait to fight in United States.

LK: Badr Hari has fallen on some rough times, for a while one of the biggest fights to make in Heavyweight Kickboxing was Ghita vs. Hari, would you still want to fight Badr at some point?

DG: This question I get every time I gave an interview. I will say: no comment! Let’s live and see what the life brings.

LK: Are you going to do anything fun while in New York? Go sightseeing, take in a show or anything else? Or will it be strictly business for you?

DG: Only business and something nice, too. I can not say it now. You will read about it!

LK: You did extremely well in last year's Glory Grand Slam tournament, are you prepared for another one this year?

DG: Yes, be sure of that! I will to do it better this year.

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