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Report: Spike TV not airing K-1, GLORY in talks with Spike

  • Written by Rian Scalia

Well there's been a lot of speculation as to what would come of K-1's TV deal with Spike, along with speculation of who GLORY will secure for their TV deal in the United States.

Today word got out via Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer that Spike's plans to air K-1 this year were not going to happen. Meltzer cited an interview with Spike TV president Kevin Kay earlier in the day. To many, this wouldn't come as a surprise, as word of Spike scrapping plans for K-1 had been circulating for quite some time now after poor stream viewer numbers and just overall mismanagement in general plagued the promotion. This would be a huge blow to the already hanging-on-by-a-thread K-1, whom originally had planned on Spike being their breakthrough into the American market, dating all the way back to the closure of the TV deal back in August.

Other details that Meltzer noted were that Spike is in talks with GLORY and that Spike officials were at the GLORY 4 show on New Year's Eve in Japan. GLORY would essentially be a replacement for Spike's K-1 plans, with the promotion holding four major events along with six Road to GLORY shows in the United States this year. For now we'll just have to wait and speculate until an official announcement is made regarding GLORY's TV deal in the United States. Pierre Andurand, GSI chairman, said to expect an announcement in the next few weeks. [source]

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