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XFS and Enfusion to Merge to Form Enfusion Live UK

  • Written by Dave Walsh

EnfusionIf you've been reading LiverKick for years you are a liar, because LiverKick really hasn't existed for years, as it is pushing two years in December. I guess I can give you a pass if you came over from HeadKickLegend and a bigger pass if you remember my old site, K-1 Legend. My point is, if you've been a reader for a while, you'll know that our goal is to not only pimp out the latest and greatest of the big leagues, but everything else as well. I'm not saying that a lot of you wouldn't know about It's Showtime without these sites, but c'mon, right?

Anyway, there is more to Kickboxing and Muay Thai than K-1, Glory and Lumpini Stadium, and the UK scene has been pumping out quality fights and fighters for a long time now. Today we got word from Dorian Wright of Starbilling that the long-running Enfusion series has merged with Kieran Keddle's XFS to form Enfusion Live UK with their first show in March. This means Kieran, Steve of Semtex Gym and Edwin Van Os all working together on a new fight series for the next year.

Full press release follows.



Dorian Wright, CEO of Starbilling announces an exciting new deal which sees Enfusion Fight series ( merge with XFS promotions to create an exciting new fight series- Enfusion Live UK!

The original Enfusion fight series is created by former Its Showtime Producer and Current Producer, Edwin Van Os. The Enfusion Brand is a successful Global Brand that can be seen in 180 Countries. Edwin also produces Enfusion reality series which sees 18 professional fighters from 18 Countries, at least National Champions, some being current World Champions, split up into four teams, living, dieting and training together. Coached by four female professional fighters as team captains, all of them aim at proving they are the best in their category.

XFS Promotions founded in September 2010 and run by Kieran Keddle (former 3 time World Champion)  and Steve Gladstone (Owner of Semtex Gym) have promoted 7 shows to date, including a mega show including one of the most anticipated fights in the history of the sport- Steve Wakeling Vs. Artem Levin at the Indigo 02, London, 7th July 2012. As well as Michael Dicks vs. Thailand’s dangerous Phamlalung and domestic clashes such as Gregg Wooton vs. Luke Turner and Craig Jose vs. Michael Wakeling. we have also seen talent in Reece McCalister , Salah Abdelsalam , Iman Barlow , Matthew Tieu , Jordan Calder ,Chad Sugden appear (to name a few).
Enfusion Live UK will be televised worldwide. With Main card will be televised LIVE, whilst the undercard fights will be shown via delayed broadcast. Commentary will be conducted by K1’s very own star Vinny Shoreman.

The Fight Series will take place in London @Indigo 02 on the following the following dates (2013):
Saturday March 30tH, Saturday June 29th, Saturday October 5th, Saturday November 30th.

The March 30th fighter entry is almost complete. Actual bouts and more names to be confirmed.  There are two bouts which have been confirmed. Firstly, Michael Wakeling a superstar in the making (WMC mad and European champion) will face the dangerous Pajunsuk Superpro koh sumai who is a former lumpinee champion in what could be one of the greatest England vs Thailand fights to date! 

Then comes the  highly anticipated clash between Iman Barlow and Alexus Rufus. An absolutely cracking fight, one that the industry has been waiting for!

Fight Rules will be ‘Enfusion Rules’. Full rules will be available on the Enfusion and Starbilling websites shortly, available upon request now.

Enfusion Live

Michael Wakeling (Scorpions) ENGLAND , Pajunsuk Super-Pro Sumai THAILAND.
Iman Barlow (Assassins) vs. Alexus Rufus (Stars) ENFUSION WORLD TITLE.

Will also include the following Fighters (bouts TBC):
Michael Wakeling (Scorpions) ENGLAND , Pajunsuk Super-Pro Sumai THAILAND , Greg Wooton (KO) ENGLAND, Arikadong Super-pro Sumai THAILAND, Andrew Tate (Storm) England , Bruno Lurette CANADA, Amanda Kelly (KO) ENGLAND, Ilona Wijmans HOLLAND, Ville Aalto (Finland).

Enfusion UK – (undercard)
Will include the following fighters (bouts TBC):

Rittijack Kaewsamrit (Former WMC champion Thailand now at Semtex),
Daniel Terry (Team Tieu)  Paul Karpowitz (2T), Jose Varela (KO Bloodline) Ricky Sewell (Liams) 
Rickie Hamilton (Warriors), Kevin Renno (Team Mosiar-Estonia), Chad Sugden, Mirrko Moisar ,Pete Irving , Jordan Wright , Luke Whelan. 

Edwin states; “I am looking forward to promote in England, as I have many good friends over there.
We are going to do 4 events in the Indigo O2 Arena and we have already sold the show in many countries. We have a lot of know how in successfully doing promotions on television worldwide and I am sure that together with XFS we are able to continue this success.”

Kieran states; “We have been negotiating a long time to a secure a deal for the future of XFS, joining forces with Enfusion is a major step forward for exposure for all fighters across the world, a chance for UK fighters to get into the limelight. I believe the UK has some of the best fighters in the world and now we have a chance to showcase it globally".

"Although early stages, there will be some huge names on the card, so watch this space".

Steve Gladstone states "We are pleased to be joining forces with Enfusion and will hope to create a prestigious platform for British and European fighters to show their skills on worldwide television"

From now through to 2013 new talent will be signed, so Enfusion will be on the lookout for exciting, talented fighters. Stay tuned!

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