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Recap of Warrior's Cup XV

  • Written by R. Choi

New Jersey Muay Thai fans were treated to an exciting card of amateur and pro fights last Saturday, September 29th at Warriors Cup XV, held at the Rahway Rec Center (not to be confused with the Rahway Rehab Center, so Google carefully, lest you get stuck driving in circles around a safety town on E Main Street for an hour). The event featured sixteen fights (twelve amateur and four pro bouts) and showcased some serious local talent.


Liam Tarrant vs Kevin Molina

Both fighters started slowly, advancing cautiously and picking their shots, but the fight quickly picked up the pace in rounds two and three, with Molina throwing a lot of kicks and Tarrant putting Molina on the defensive in round three in the clinch. Tarrant continued to close the distance in round four, not allowing Molina any room to launch an effective attack. Tarrant used his reach to pick apart Molina with low kicks, then he changed levels and defeated Molina with a brutal elbow combination, giving Tarrant the victory at 1:32 in Round 4 by TKO.

Jay Matias vs Chris Mauceri

Mauceri made an impressive pro debut against an established rising star, Jay Matias. Elbows were a prominent feature in this fight and neither combatant was shy about throwing them. Mauceri knocked Matias down in the first round with a spinning back elbow, resulting in a standing 8-count for Matias. In Round 2, Matias came back with a brutal onslaught, but Mauceri landed another elbow that cut Matias, and a doctor called a stop to the fight at 2:16 (much to the disappointment of the crowd who booed the decision), giving Mauceri the win by TKO.

Maksim Ishkov vs Marcus Fisher

Marcus Fisher bested Ishkov for the entire fight with well timed attacks, including an impressive head kick that he landed at will, particularly in the later rounds. Clearly the dominant fighter, Fisher fought a safe and smart five rounds to a Unanimous Decision win.

Rami Ibrahim vs Ognjen Topic

There was not a single boring second from staredown to finish in the fight for the WBC Super Featherweight belt. Ibrahim cornered Topic at the end of Round 1, unloading a barrage of punches, and both fighters kept the momentum going right into a second round that was so intense the emotion spilled out of the ring and got several spectators riled up. The fight was finished at just 42 seconds into the third round by a knee to the head that rocked Ibrahim and took his legs out from under him, and the green belt passed to Topic, winner by TKO.

The amateur fights were great match-ups with a lot of back and forth action. Most of the bouts ended in decisions, including a title fight between Omar Estevez and Greg Rowe in which Rowe took the title from Estevez via Unanimous Decision, and one very disappointing No Contest due to an illegal kick in the fight between Spencer Grekoski and Ankur Mathews, up until which Grekoski was dominating the fight. The two female fights on the card included a very impressive technical debut showing by Gianna Smith of Five Points Academy, who won a Unanimous Decision; the other female fight featured none other than Take-On Productions’ own commentator, Phoenix Carnevale, who won her fight via Split Decision.


Full card and results here:


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