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GLORY 2 Brussels Preview: The Return Of Remy Bonjasky

  • Written by Rian Scalia

GLORY 2 Brussels, including Remy Bonjasky vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva is available to watch live, here on on this Saturday, October 6. The event starts at 1PM ET/10AM PT in North America and at 19:00 CET in Europe and is $15 USD to watch. Click here to watch GLORY 2 Brussels.

GLORY 2 Brussels takes place tomorrow in Brussels, Belgium and despite many interesting fights throughout the card, the main attraction is of course the return of Remy Bonjasky, who fights Anderson "Braddock" Silva in the main event. Bonjasky comes off almost a three year layoff from fighting while Silva's last fight saw him push Badr Hari to the limit, in a fight where Hari was lucky that there wasn't an extra round.

The main focus of this fight is on Bonjasky, as the three year layoff raises many question marks. Remy's last fight was on December 5, 2009 at the K-1 WGP Final where he was stopped in the first round by Semmy Schilt, after coming into the fight already injured from his win over Errol Zimmerman previously that night. We don't know if he's lost a step since then. We don't really know what kind of condition he's in compared to the past, although word is that he's coming into this fight banged up, even admitting at the press conference earlier today that he suffered an injury a few weeks ago. Also, the severity of his eye injury that forced him to retire in the first place is a bit of a mystery in its own right, with conflicting accounts of the condition and the potential danger of re-aggravating it.

We're kind of forced to speculate on unknown variables when it comes to Remy Bonjasky in this fight. What we have to remember though, is that Remy was a top fighter when he left. A lot of people don't like him for his defensive style or for how he acted in the second Badr Hari fight, but it's undeniable that he was a top fighter at the time. In the last year before he retired, he beat Badr Hari, Errol Zimmerman, Gokhan Saki and Alistair Overeem.

Meanwhile, Anderson "Braddock" Silva has undoubtedly proven himself this year after his fight with Badr Hari. Whether you want to debate if that was the "real" Badr or not, he still gave him all he could handle and Badr seriously escaped going to an extra round. For that fight we saw what looked like a much more serious and in shape Silva than the one that lost to Catalin Morosanu in February. Essentially, we kind of have to speculate for Silva too, seeing as the fight with Badr was something we never really saw before from him.

What this fight comes down to is Silva's degree of pressure and volume, along with him being able to land cleanly against Bonjasky's ability to defend like he did in the past, whilst scoring with enough offense to edge out Silva's volume. I emphasize Silva's volume because frankly, he doesn't really have a high output and he's going to need to have exactly that to win. If he's active, he can keep Remy on defense and not give him opportunities for offense. Bonjasky's defense was always good and hard to penetrate but especially in European kickboxing, judges are probably going to see the more active guy who throws a lot of punches, whether they're landing cleanly or being blocked, as the winner.

I'm not sure Silva can show the appropriate level of volume to win this fight though. He's never really shown it before, as he takes a more measured, patient approach to striking. Sometimes he's even too patient, like in the fight with Michael Duut that saw him able to pretty much land at will, dropping Duut but still not turning it up a notch.

Here's where the speculation comes in. While we don't know what kind of condition Remy Bonjasky is in, I still think he's going to be able to obtain an edge in this fight. Silva's patient approach should leave Bonjasky with opportunities to strike, especially with kicks from range. I don't see this fight being fast-paced and I think pace-wise, it'll be similar to Bonjasky's third fight with Melvin Manhoef. Silva in my opinion is just not dynamic enough to gain and maintain an edge throughout this fight. I think the fight will be close and definitely competitive but in the end, I see Bonjasky being able to land cleaner, more meaningful strikes throughout the fight.

Bonjasky has something to prove and he knows that he has to make a good impression leading into the Grand Slam. Ultimately, I think he does enough to outpoint Silva, who should provide a stiff test for the man known as "The Flying Gentleman."

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