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Mix Fight Gala XIII In Germany, Saturday: Stevelmans, Schneidmiller, Mailov, More

  • Written by Rian Scalia

On Saturday, Mix Fight Gala XIII is going down in Frankfurt, Germany at the Fraport Arena, which holds up to 5000 people. It's got some good names and up and comers on the card, showcasing the German kickboxing scene as well as some international talent. Germany always has some good events and this one's no different.

Dutch up and comer Miles Simson starts off the card, taking on Mohesen Maradian of Iran at 72.5kg. Simson recently got the biggest win of his career back in May when he defeated Nonsai at SLAMM, dropping him with a high kick in the process. Simson is young and growing, so don't be surprised if he's fighting at a higher weight class in the future.

At 80kg, Omar Amrani and Priest West fight in an all-German affair. Amrani is really more like a 70kg fighter but decided recently to move up and hasn't had much success, losing to Errol Koning. West is a long time veteran who is still active and solid in Germany at 38 years old.

In a real battle of prospects at 70kg, Leo Zulic takes on Roman Mailov, who just won on August 24 and is making a quick turnaround. Both guys have come up from around 65-67kg and Mailov has gotten wins over the likes of William Diender. Mailov is only 20 years old and still will probably get a lot better while Zulic is in his mid twenties. Expect a close, competitive fight.

In some more all-German action, Alex Schmitt, who's been around a while and lost to Albert Kraus last year takes on Dima Weimer, who defeated Shemsi Beqiri around two years ago. Weimer is the one to look for here, as he's been getting a bit of a push in Germany recently.

Here's where the action really heats up. In a battle of two participants in the GLORY 70kg First 16, Warren Stevelmans fights Dennis Schneidmiller at 72.5kg. Both fighters lost in the First 16 but have always been solid throughout their careers. Warren's the bigger fighter here, has more power and a more proven track record against top competition.

In another 72.5kg fight, German up and comer Enriko Kehl takes on Mohammed Medhar out of Holland. Medhar had a big win over Gago Drago back in 2010 but seems to have fallen off since then, not winning that often. Kehl is 20 years old and has already fought around the world, also taking on Nonsai two weeks after this fight. Full fight card below, including both the kickboxing and MMA fights.

Miles Simson (SUR) K-1 Rules, 3×3, -72,5 kg Mohesen Moradian (IRAN)
Omar Amrani (MAR) K-1 Rules. 3×3, -80 kg Priest West (USA)
Waldemar Newdach (RUSS) K-1 Rules, 3×3, +95 kg Wieslaw Kwasniewski (POL)
Leo Zulic (GER) K-1 Rules, 3×3, -70 kg Roman Mailov (RUSS)
Michell Adelina (SUR) MMA Rules, 3×5, -83 kg Rafal Lewon (POL)
Ania Fucz (GER) K-1 Rules, 3×3, -60 kg Sarah Debaieb (TUN)
Alex Schmitt (GER) K-1 Rules, 3×3, -72,5kg Dima Weimer (GER)
Cengiz Dana (TÜR) MMA Rules, 3×5, -70 kg Victor Kuku (AFR)
Murat Göktepe (TÜR) MMA Rules, 3×5, -75 kg Brian Lo A-Njoe (SUR)
Alexander Braun (KAZ) K-1 Rules, 3×3, -80 kg Marco Aschenbrenner (GER)
Dennis Schneidmiller (GER) K-1 Rules, 3×3, -72,5 kg Warren Stevelmans (NED)
Dawid Baziak (POL) MMA Rules, 3×5, +95 kg Andreas Kraniotakes (GRE)
Enrico Kehl (GER) K-1 Rules, 3×3, -72,5kg Mohammed Medhar (MAR)
Christian Eckerlin (GER) MMA Rules, 3×5, -77 kg Mario Stapel (GER)

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