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LiverKick.com Rankings

Heavyweight (Per 4/15)
1. Rico Verhoeven
2. Daniel Ghita
3. Gokhan Saki
4. Tyrone Spong
5. Peter Aerts
6. Errol Zimmerman up
7. Benjamin Adegbuyiup
8. Ismael Londt up
9. Hesdy Gerges up
10. Ben Edwards up

Light HW (per 4/15)
1. Gokhan Saki up
2. Tyrone Spong down
3. Danyo Ilunga
4. Nathan Corbett down
5. Saulo Cavalari

Middleweight (per 4/15)
1. Wayne Barrett
2. Joe Schilling
3. Artem Levin
4. Steven Wakeling
5. Franci Grajs

Welterweight (per 4/15)
1. Nieky Holzken 
2. Joseph Valtellini 
3. Simon Marcus
4. Marc de Bonte
5. Aussie Ouzgni


70kg (Per 4/15)
1. Davit Kiriaup
2. Andy Ristiedown
3. Robin van Roosmalendown
4. Giorgio Petrosyandown
5. Murthel Groenhart
6. Buakaw Banchamek
7. Dzhabar Askerov
8. Ky Hollenbeckup
9. Aikprachaup
10. Enriko Kehlup

65kg (per 1/20)
1. Masaaki Noiri
2. Mosab Amraniup
3. Yuta Kubo down
4. Sagetdao
5. Liam Harrison


We caught up with Andrei Stoica, one half of the SuperKombat stars, the Stoica brothers. Andrei has a fight coming up on October 20 for SuperKombat. We asked him about that and also about the new partnership between SuperKombat and K-1, his brother and training partners and his status as a star in Romania.

LK: Now that SuperKombat and K-1 have a partnership, what do you think about fighting in K-1?

AS: I would be honored to fight in K-1. For me it would be a dream come true! We'll see if the organizers will give me the chance to fight in the K-1 Final 16! I told you, it's my dream!

LK: Usually in SuperKombat you fight at -95kg but now that K-1 has a partnership with SuperKombat, would you fight at heavyweight with much bigger fighters?

AS: For me it's not a problem to fight opponents heavier than me. I always do that! I will try to gain extra pounds and I will be good for heavyweight in the near future!

LK: After the fight with Hakan Aksoy, you said that you were "not yourself" in your previous fights. Can you go into detail about what you meant by that, and why you said that?

AS: I had a difficult period, it is personal and I can not go into detail. I was weak and due to stress, I fought against opponents heavier and the weight difference was observed! But now it will be fine. You will see another Andrei Stoica. I will be in my best shape.

LK: You have a fight on October 20 for SuperKombat, but you will not be able to train with your brother Bogdan for this fight, as he is injured. Will this make much of a difference?

AS: I regret that my brother is injured. It's hard to train without him, but it will motivate me even more and I will train twice as hard. His absence will count but I am optimistic.

LK: What is it like to see your friends and training partners like Benny Adegbuyi be successful lately?

AS: Every one of us will get the chance to be a hero. Now it is Benny's turn. I'm very happy because my colleagues are progressing near me. Also, I get more experience with them. We grow up together.

LK: There is also discussion of the 85kg weight class coming to K-1 soon, maybe next year. You have fought at that weight before, are you able to still make 85kg and willing to fight there if it's in K-1?

AS: If my coach wants me to fight at 85 kg I will. But for now we focus on heavyweight, and we think we do a pretty good job! It's a good initiative to bring this weight category to K-1. For me it is a fascinating class with technique, and strength and speed. What could be better?

LK: SuperKombat has made you a star in Romania, what does that feel like?

AS: I'm glad and I also thank Mr. Irimia who gave me the chance to fight in SuperKombat. I can only say I am glad they are appreciating me in my country and also abroad. I hope the SuperKombat team will continue to do the same job, as they did before.

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