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Live Results and Pics from Battle at Bally 2 Muay Thai

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Evening folks, you may be wondering who the heck I am - I'm a former writer at Head Kick Legend before the site shut down and now write over at Gals Guide to MMA. Sir Walsh has been kind enough to allow me to bring you live results for tonight's 14-fight card at Bally's Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. I've got a front row view here at press row, so I'll be able to get some great pictures as well.


It's about ready to start in a few minutes - nothing's happening now but people getting ready to rock n roll. Thanks to Dave for the opportunity to bring you these results live.


We're about to get underway and the first fighter, Mike Gianone just got finished with the traditional MT pre-fight intro.

Aliaga came out aggressive, but Gianone landed a nice counter left that backed him up. After a break, Aliaga continued to come out aggressive and Gianone ate a low blow in the exchange of knees. Both fighters ended the round firing. Aliaga had the faster start to round 2, but Gianone ended the round unloading knees to the body and head in his own corner. The great thing about three two-minute rounds is that the fighters were going all out. Helps that these are 125'ers, so there's no gassing. Fight ends, and I would guess that Aliaga wins, but it was a close fight regardless. The great thing about three two-minute rounds is that the fighters were going all out. Helps that these are 125'ers, so there's no gassing. Fight ends, and I would guess that Aliaga wins, but it was a close fight regardless. I'm wrong, and Gianone wins by unanimous decision.


Mike Gianone throws a knee.

Next fight is a bantamweight contest in the ladies division. Jennie Nedell is fighting out of the famous (to MMA fans) Sera-Longo fight gym, however it's Peteraf that starts out strong with a bunch of knees in the clinch. Nedell lands a stiff jab straight through  Peteraf's guard and finishes the round strong with punches throught Peteraf's loose hands. Round two is very similar, as Nedell is getting bullied in the clinch while landing the better punches. Peteraf ate less punches this round than she did the first, so I'd say this round is hers. The final round continued the theme of Nedell landing better from range with Peteraf doing good work from the clinch. This fight is almost certainly Peteraf's as she just earned a standing 8-count with a series of like... 20 unanswered knees to the body. Yup, I called this one correct, as she got the UD.

Some bigger boys now, as we've got 178'ers in the ring. Maldonado looks to be the stronger of the two, as he's been able to spin Mamroud around in the clinch a couple times. They ended the round firing back and forth. Close round, but I would guess Maldonado on some cleaner strikes. Another close round, more strong clinching from Maldonado, but Mamroud isn't just laying down either and he's firing some nice combos. No idea who got this round. Maldonado has some nice kicks that sound loud in the arena when they land. Mamroud has a big welt on the left side of his rib cage. Mamroud trying hard, and landing some, but I think Maldonado takes this. 2 for 3 so far - Maldonado with the UD win.

Well, this fight ended quickly. Kate Allen showed that the Cool Hearts Gym knows its clinch work and she earned the TKO win a minute and nine seconds into the first round with a couple dozen clinch knees.

185-lb title fight here for the Take On belt. Abreu lookks to be the stronger man in this event, and at 5-0, he's got a good record so far. He earned a knockdown midway through round 1 with a high kick, but Miller fought back to try and earn some points back. Miller's family has moved down and are yelling enthusiastically right behind me.  Miller with solid 1-2 and then doubles up on it. Miller with a liver kick. Abreu catches a kick and lands an overhand right. They each miss a leg kick. Abreu with a pair of liverkicks, and Miller sweeps Abreu's legs from under him to end the round. Slower start to the third so far... Miller lands a good right, but then eats a solid left. High kick from Miller, and another left hand from Abreu. Couple of body kicks and then three HARD lefts in a row from Abreu has the ref stopping the action to administer a standing 8 to Miller. This fight is Abreu's unless I'm sadly mistaken. I am not, and Abreu takes home the strap.

Here's a pic of Abreu winning the title, courtesy of the in-ring announcer:

Odria with a strong kick to start this 105-lb contest. Slow-paced as neither fighter is landing a lot. They exchange tandem knees from the clinch and repeat this about three times before Odria throws Ng to the canvas. Ng starts with some nice combos of knees and kicks, but not everything is getting through Odria's guard. Nothing thudding landing, but both fighters are landing combos and clinch knees. Same through round 3 as well. Jess Ng takes a close fight in another unanimous decision.

Bastone comes out strong and hits a solid leg kick. Close fight as Gregory and Bastone trade in center ring. They stand and trade in center ring and all of a sudden, Bastone lands a big hook that staggers Gregory. The ref gives him a standing eight and then waves it off. Gregory is on wobbly legs still minutes after the fight as they announce Bastone as the winner by TKO.


Take On ring card girl Alicia Patterson

Close fight so far between Noll and Rugilo. Noll is doing better in the clinch, but both fighters are landing pretty evenly. Solid back and forth in the second as well, although Rugilo has landed a couple of good shots. Rugilo opens the third with some solid lefts to Noll's jaw. Good chin on Noll as she fights through. Low blow from Rugilo is shrugged off. Fight ends with an exchange of spinning backfist from Rugilo meeting a cross from Noll. Rugilo takes a close split decision 29-28 x2 and a 28-29.

Henry Lee is the clear crowd favorite and comes out strong. He gets a knockdown midway through the first with a solid straight as Jiminez was moving forward. Lee continued strong through much of the round and didn't fade in the second. After a flurry that staggered Jiminez into the ropes, the ref jumped in and waved off the fight as Lee picks up his first win.

Fireworks to start the first full Thai rules contest of the night (no headgear, elbows legal). Cheung looks to be overpowering Krampetz every time they clinch. Krampetz is landing some good shots from range, but Cheung is hitting him with solid, solid shots when he connects. And he just connected now for a knockdown. Round 1 ends, and that's a clear Cheung round. Nothing is changing here in the second, and Cheung lands a HUGE knee to the liver that ends the fight. If you saw Overeem/Lesnar, it looked exactly like that. Cheung, your winner by KO at 1:11 of round 2.


Take On ring card girl Candice Figueroa throwing t-shirts to the crowd.

Quick start in this lightweight title contest as Mauceri is taking charge of center ring. He's landing good combos and pushing him into the corners. Mauceri is pushing the pace and Grekoski has his chin up. First round to Mauceri on the heels of a powerful straight left. Mauceri is bullying Grekowski. He backs Grekowski into the far right corner and is unloading. Grekowski is staggered by a big elbow and the ref jumps in to stop it. Mauceri your winner by TKO

Whoa. Andy Singh just put on a clinic on a very experienced veteran in Anthony DeMaio. DeMaio has had dozens of fights in Thailand that don't apear on his official record and Andy Singh came out like a tornado. DeMaio was not without offense, but Singh was FLYING. Hee landed multiple flying knees, head kicks and powerful punches. The end came about two and a half minutes into the first round, as Singh staggered DeMaio with a 4-piece combo that sent him crashing to the mat face down. Your winner by KO, Andy Singh.


Anthony DeMaio is staggered against the ropes by Andy Singh moments before Singh scored the knockout.

Two powerful lightweights immediately started slugging it out in center ring. Low kicks, jabs, knees and hooks were being exchanged, but in a technical manner, not just a brawl. Hinds landed a few solid knees and they broke. A left from Robinson followed by a HUGE left after a feint of the jab and down goes Hind. He's staggered and can't get up and Robinson defeats Hinds by KO.

Check out some more awesome pics straight from the ring announcer and his in-ring ipad: -Spencer Grekoski's pre-fight routine. - Scott Krampetz in between rounds.

In the main event of the evening, Jay Matias came out overpowering the smaller Ahammer. Ahammer did some good work in the clinch with his elbows, but Matias had the stronger combos. I'd score that round for Matias. Well, that was brutal. Matias got Ahammer into the clinch and brutalized him with knees and elbows. About a minute in (I missed the exact time), the ref stepped in to save a faded Ahammer. Your winner by TKO, Jay Matias.

AND I AM dooooooooonezo. I'm off to either an afterparty or a poker table or uh... maybe just a bus ride home, but probably one of the other two first.

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