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Badr Hari's Arrest Extended To 90 Days

  • Written by Rian Scalia

Badr Hari has been held by the police in solitary confinement ever since he turned himself in on suspicions of his participation in an assault at the Sensation White at the Amsterdam ArenA, and another case where a night club owner accused him of assault. Now things have taken a turn for the worst for Badr, as he won't be getting out any time soon.

Badr's arrest was extended to 90 days today. 90 days is the maximum period that a remand can be extended to. In cases where there is not much evidence, usually a much shorter extension is given. This extension would indicate that there is probably some strong evidence against Hari.

He will continue to be held in solitary confinement. The court refused to lift the restrictions of his detention, but recently he was allowed to watch TV and read the newspaper.

To make it short, Badr Hari will not be fighting any time soon. Although he was supposed to be fighting on October 14 for K-1, the 90 day extension ends well ahead of that date, and that's not even counting if he gets sentenced. For now, Badr is being held for 90 days, but that could get much longer if he is sentenced. Things don't look good for Badr at all right now, as there are reports of even more people coming forward with accusations against him.

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