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Singdam Kiatmoo 9 and Yodkhunphol Sitmonchai with Big KO Wins at Lumpini Stadium

  • Written by Dave Walsh

singdam_smallSingdam Kiatmoo 9 easily retained his Lumpini lightweight title after stopping Watcharachai Rajanon, a replacement for the unwell Nong-O Gaiyegandao, with a quick combination of punches in the third round in the main event at Lumpini Stadium tonight.

The bout between Petboonchu FA Group and F16 Rajanon was called off after someone supposedly spiked Petboonchu's drink during the day, causing him to fall ill.

The fight between Panonrunglek Kiatmoo 9 and Wanchalong Sitsonong was also postponed but it was still an exciting night of fights with the biggest story being two incredibly ill advised bets of around 3.7 million Baht (approx 120,000 USD) placed by people connected to Somrak Sor Khamsing's camp on Jaisoo Thor Thepsutin.

Jaisoo is only 17 and relatively inexperienced with just 55 fights under his belt but a variety of backers still felt sufficiently confident to back him heavily against Yodkhunpol Sitmonchai.

Their confidence proved to be catastrophically missplaced as Yodkhunpol, who was shorter but looked much stronger, blew him away in under a roundwith a barrage of punches.

There was a more modest 1.8 million Baht bet riding on the fight between Pokaew Fonjaengchonburi and Petpanomrung Kiatmoo 9 in what was another entertaining affair.

Petpanomrung was slightly the busier in the clinch during the third round and appeared to be edging it but Pokaew came out on the front foot in round four and walked the teenager down, although he was also on the receiving end of some sharp countering kicks. It was enough to give Pokaew a lead on the scorecards to defend in the final round which he did with relative ease to take a clear cut decision victory.

There was nothing easy about Palangtip Nor Sripung's decision win over the always aggressive Ponsaneh Sitmonchai. After having been knocked out by elbows from Palangtip twice in previous meetings Ponsaneh started a little slower than normal, only attacking in flurries rather than mounting the sort of full on onslaught for which he is renowned.

That all changed when Palangtip dropped him with an elbow early in the third round. Ponsaneh lept to his feet instantly, giving the referee no chance to instigate a count, and with blood pouring down his face went into what can only be described as 'full on beast mode' walking Palangtip down and throwing haymaker after haymaker.

It was a truly memorable round which ignited the crowd and Ponsaneh came out stong again in the fourth, although the action was paused briefly while the doctor took a close look at the cut above his left eyebrow. Palangtip was firmly on the back foot by this stage but he continued to counter effectively with body kicks and the ocassional elbow.

In the final round of what had been a thrilling fight Ponsaneh stopped coming forward and looked to defend his lead, but boxing defensively is not his strength and Palangtip was able to mount a fight back by taking advantage of his opponent's inactivity to fire off knees and right kicks. It was sufficiently close for both fighters to stand off in the dying seconds but despite a heroic effort from Ponsaneh the judges went with Palangtip.

Tong Puidandee successfuly defended his Lumpini Super Bantamweight title against Tingtong Chor Koiyuuhaisuzu after starting fast and establishing a lead which he was able to hold onto but only just. In the third round they matched each other kick for kick and Ting Tong looked strong early in the fourth but faded as Tong began to score with multiple knees.

Sensing he was behind Ting Tong was the aggressor in the final round, sweeping Tong off his feet a couple of times and surging forward. Tong was confident he had done enough to win and decided to back off, it was sufficiently close that bets were still being placed after the final bell but two of the three judges gave the nod to the defending champion.

Even more controversial was the decision in the fight between Detsakda Sitsongpeenong and Rungpet Gaiyanghaadao gym. Detsakda controlled the first two rounds and cut Rungpet with an elbow. In round three Detsakda continued to use his elbows to good effect in the clinch but Rungpet began to score with some knees.

By this stage Rungpet was cut in two places but he kept coming forward and hammering away at Detsakda's mid section with knees which were eye catching, if not always effective. When the bell rang both fighters celebrated but the judges were divided with one scoring the fight to Detsakda another giving it to Rungpet, which was not popular with the crowd, and the third sitting on the fence to render it a draw.


Pechsila Kiatmoo9 vs Dannua Sitbandon
Pornsaneh Sitmonchai vs Palangtip Nor Sripung
Detsakda Sitsongpeenong vs Rungpet Gaiyanghaadao gym (draw)
Jaisoo Thor Thepsuthin vs Yodkunpol Sitmonchai (KO round one)
Tingtong Chor Koiyuuhaisuzu vs Tong Puidandee
Petpanomrung Wor Sangprapai vs Pokaew Fonjaengchonburi
Singdam Kiatmuu9 vs Watcharachai Rachanon (KO round 3)

winners in bold, decision unless stated otherwise

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