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Badr Hari Making Headlines Over Possible Affair with Estelle Gullit

  • Written by Dave Walsh

GullitBadr Hari is back in the news again, and once again, not for his Kickboxing or Boxing career, but instead for his extra curricular activities outside of the ring. Dutch Football legend (soccer player to us in the states) Ruud Gullit has had a few failed marriages, and it looks like his third marriage to Estelle Gullit (nee Cruyff) is on the rocks, and surprisingly enough the name being quoted in the Dutch media as part of the reason for the split is Badr Hari. There have been numerous rumors about Ruud's sexuality, even though he is currently a 49 year old married to a smoking hot 33 year old and has multiple children with her.

Apparently this is all for naught, though, as they are in the throes of a break-up and Badr Hari has had the finger pointed at not only Estelle's lover, but possibly the reason for the separation.

Well, they don't call Badr the bad boy for nothing, right? Thanks to our good friend Simon for the tip.

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