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Brice Guidon Fought Semmy Schilt With a Leg Injury, Out of Action Until 2013

  • Written by Dave Walsh

GuidonMany say that without a doubt, Semmy Schilt is the #1 Heavyweight (or in his case, Super Heavyweight) in the world of Kickboxing, but in March of this year, in his first fight back, he fought a very, very game Brice Guidon. Guidon has has a good career, but has just fallen short of elite status with losses to Gokhan Saki and Sergei Laschenko, most recently, obviously, the loss to Schilt. If you caught the fight between Schilt and Guidon, you'd probably note just how good Guidon looked against a fighter on the level of Semmy Schilt. Better than most fighters could ever imagine to look.

In a mind-blowing revelation, Guidon recently revealed that he was injured for that fight and was barely mobile.

"I broke my knee ligament 2 weeks before my fight against Schilt, of course i want to do the fight no matter what, maybe not that smart, ahah. I can't use my right leg during the fight, i try 2-3 times but i think it was more painfull to me that to Sem, ahah.

Right after my fight i get a suregery and i ll be back beginning of 2013..."

We wish Guidon a speedy recovery, and can only imagine how good he'll look upon his return if he looked that good injured against Schilt.

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