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Frank Giorgi Defeats Steve Moxon By Split Decision

  • Written by Rian Scalia

Australia's two best 70kg fighters met yesterday in Melbourne. Moxon usually figts K-1 rules and Giorgi, Muay Thai rules so they compromised and met halfway under modified Thai rules. These two, along with Wes Capper are Australia's top candidates for K-1 MAX, especially Moxon who has big K-1 aspirations.

Giorgi ended up winning a split decision but from the sounds of it, it wans't easy. Moxon dropped him in the first round. According to multiple accounts, Giorgi won all four rounds after that, keeping Moxon at bay with kicks, hampering his footwork.

After a loss to Buakaw in December, Giorgi has rebounded now with two wins, the first coming over Tobias Alexandersson about three weeks ago. For Moxon, a loss is a loss but I don't think it's much of a setback for his K-1 aspirations, as I think he'll eventually make it there whenever they bring in new fighters. Moxon will be fighting again on May 19 against Expedito Valin in Australia.

Also on the card, K-1 veteran Jordan Tai was back in action, taking on Greece's Vasilis Kakarikos. It sounds like Tai was dominant, with even John Wayne Parr saying he looked amazing. Speaking of John Wayne Parr, Tai will be fighting him on June 23 in JWP's retirement fight, but in a cage with MMA gloves under Muay Thai rules.

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