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If You Don't Frequent K-1's YouTube Channel, You Should

  • Written by Dave Walsh

MasatoI'm not sure that it matters who owns K-1's YouTube channel as long as they continue doing what they've been doing over the past few weeks. Over the past few weeks there have been a bunch of classic fights uploaded to their YouTube channel, most of them available in high def, which sure beats a lot of the bootleg versions of these fights you'll find floating around.

This is a part of their new "K-1 Classics" series on YouTube, which has recently been added. This recent boost of activity is a welcome change and hopefully what we can look forward to with K-1 looking to start fresh. The included shows are K-1 Revenge 94, 95 and 96, K-1 Star Wars 96, K-1 Kings 97, K-1 Braves 97, K-1 Dream 97, K-1 Revenge 99 and K-1 WGP in Saitama 2003.

For the first time since 2010, K-1 has updated their "K-1 WGP" series as well. The '96 Final 16, 97 GP Final and 98 Final 16 have been added.

The new addition is the "K-1 MAX" series, which so far only features one show, the Japan tournamen from 2003.

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