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Wheat Thins Wants You to "Do What You Do"

  • Written by Wheat Thins

There are a lot of things that you can do while sitting around contemplating the world of professional fighting, and our sponsor Wheat Thins has a suggestion for you that may or may not involve devouring Wheat Thins while you do that. Off of the top of my head, I could probably think of an endless array of things you could do that are worse for you and would probably taste pretty awful. They are asking you to "do what you do" -- but just to make them a part of it. So the next time you find yourself up at four in the morning scouring YouTube for videos from the latest KRUSH show by searching for fighters names in Japanese (a language you might pretend to know, but you clearly don't) and turn up a bunch of videos of variety shows, don't do it alone.

As you can clearly see from the video below, you will probably have no problem working them into your day if they fit into, well... Just watch?


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