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Saiyok Phumpunmuang, Jordan Watson, Vuyisile Colossa and Ilya Grad To Fight in 4 Man Tournament in Bangkok

  • Written by Dave Walsh

A four man tournament is taking place at the Bangkok Convention Centre on April 3rd which will feature four of the most renowned middleweight Muay Thai fighters in the world. Saiyok Pumpanmuang from Thailand, Jordan Watson from England, Vuyisile Colossa from Hong Kong and Ilya Grad from Israel have all agreed to compete.

The tournament will be in a round robin format, according to the press release, which would mean they all fight each other once. The ocassion also marks the launch of the official campaign to have Muay Thai become an Olympic sport.

Watson, Colossa and Grad were all involved in the recent Challenger Muay Thai TV program with the Englishman finishing as runner up. Saiyok has never been beaten by a non Thai fighter and hasn't lost a fight for several years making him the firm favourite to win this tournament.

Assuming the tournament really is in a round robin format, as opposed to being a simple elimination process with semi finals and a final, it is going to be a gruelling challenge for all four fighters. It will also be interesting to see how it is operated, what happens if a fighter gets cut, knocked out or is simply unable to continue due to an injury?

The event will be shown live on TV in Thailand and will also be broadcast on ESPN Star Sports.


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