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StillWill Says Badr Hari Proves That "Impossible is Nothing"

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Our friend Will Prescott, aka StillWill, is without a doubt one of the top highlight video guys in the world and we have further proof of it. Will is off in Thailand training with our friends at Phuket Top Team, which is without a doubt a cool experience. Thankfully, all of that training and partying hasn't kept him away from putting together new videos, as he drops yet another one today. This one says that "Impossible is Nothing." It shows Badr Hari's training before his fight with Gokhan Saki as well as highlights from the absolute gorgeous fight that he put together against the very dangerous Gokhan Saki.

It creates some interesting overtones, because Badr Hari will come to the United States to begin training for his career in professional boxing, which has gotten a lot of criticism of late. It paints an interesting picture of Badr Hari working hard and that work paying off, which could easily carry over into his boxing career. Badr has already selected Nazeem Richardson to train with, which will help his skills as he transitions, but it will take a lot of hard work, conditioning and hell, maybe even GSP Rushfit to get him prepared for a foray into Boxing.

So go ahead and check out this video, as well as Will and Fletch's new blog, Fight Sports Asia.

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