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Sponsored Post: Red Bull Fuels Athletes

  • Written by Red Bull

It is getting easier and easier to talk about some of our site's sponsors, as the latest one is Red Bull. Red Bull is something that you all should know really well, and if you don't, I almost wonder how you've gotten through life. Sure, there is coffee, but coffee doesn't provide the same punch that kept you going when you were in college and were going out every night, knowing full well that you would be the walking dead the next day. Even now, with me pushing 30 it is still something that permeates into my everyday life. My band is currently going through the arduous process of recording an album, and outside of weird snacks I buy at Trader Joe's, chips, beer and whiskey we always have Red Bulls around. Twelve hours in one room with four dudes trying to make something that sounds huge is tough, and we don't exactly have a coffee maker in there.

So it looks like Red Bull is looking to get into the world of MMA sponsorships, and is for now dipping their toes in the water. Seeing as though they sponsor a ton of athletes and extreme sports, it seems like it would be a very natural fit for them. So watch this video to see all of the things that they do and why we'd love to see them involved with combat sports.

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