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Simon Rutz Possibly Finished With Promoting in the Netherlands

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Big news coming from the Netherlands as Simon Rutz has been making the media rounds to promote the huge It's Showtime 55 event taking place in Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden was an interesting choice, as it was obviously not It's Showtime's home base when compared to Amsterdam. Apparently Rutz is upset with the recent events within his home country that revolve around the BIBOB law. BIBOB, for those unaware, is a law where local officials are able to require local businesspeople to acquire  a license through them after going through a background check to ensure that there are no criminal elements within the organization. For It's Showtime we've seen this law rear its ugly head in Amsterdam, canceling the December event on short notice due to BIBOB restrictions.


Now it appears that Rutz has had enough of dealing with these restrictions within the Netherlands and that this event might be their last. Rutz discussed how difficult it is to promote within his home country, and that the BIBOB law is starting to be enforced in other cities, making a lot of red tape to hope through. Rutz is now threatening to move the entire organization, which means no longer paying taxes within the Netherlands or promoting events. Apparently the mayor of Leeuwarden was paid a visit by the mayor of Amsterdam in an attempt to bar It's Showtime from running an event. Since they were already granted a license, it was too late to stop the event.

It may seem like a harsh stance, but for It's Showtime being restricted from running events in their backyard. It is interesting to note that since having to run an event in neighboring Leeuwarden, especially such a huge event, It's Showtime had a hard time moving tickets, as of a few days ago announcing that they still had a few hundred tickets (upwards of 900) left to sell for an arena that seats 5,000.

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