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Sponsored Post: Wheat Thins Wants You to "Do What You Do"

  • Written by Wheat Thins

Sometimes you find yourself in a weird place in your life, where cohabitation has led you to become so reliant on someone else being around that you feel like a lost little lamb when your girlfriend is gone for a few days. Sure, for a while it goes something like this, and you find odd ways to prove your freedom to yourself, but it doesn't last all that long. After you've gorged yourself on pizza for one night and wake up the next day, realizing that you need to go to the grocery store and you find yourself in a quandary; do you just buy groceries for the house for the week, or enough to ensure survival for the weekend?

This last weekend I know what the answer was for me, and that was survival, and one of the main things on that survival list was Wheat Thins. With that said, I am more than comfortable to bring you this sponsored post from Wheat Thins.

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