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Where Will FEG Stand in the New K-1

  • Written by Dave Walsh

While there has yet to be any news on what is possibly going on with K-1 and FIKA, we can begin to piece together some clues as to who is and is not involved. There is talk of possibly Golden Glory being involved with FIKA, as we could plainly see from his appearance at the initial FIKA press conference. The big question that has been hanging in the air revolves around whether or not the former team that headed up K-1 while Ishii was away in FEG will be involved or not.

There was some proof from the recent GenkiDesuKa show that was promoted by REAL Entertainment, who are known for co-promoting DREAM events with FEG.

The event, which HDnet titled as "DREAM New Year's Eve" was curiously enough co-promoted by Antonio Inoki's IGF and was not sold as a DREAM event in Japan, as there was no mention of FEG or K-1 at all.


There were Kickboxing bouts involved in the event, but there was no mention anywhere of the K-1 name. Look at the photograph above and look at the branding on the gloves. Incredibly uncommon for anything involving K-1 to not have the name brand on it. While this is not concrete evidence of anything, the K-1 brand has a lot of value in Japan and was completely absent from the marketing of the few Kickboxing bouts on New Year's Eve.

This helps confirm the sneaking suspicions that FEG might be completely shut out of the world of K-1, or that there could be a lot of things going on behind the scenes and that is why we have yet to hear anything new from either camp in regards to K-1.

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