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Simon Marcus is Ready for GLORY 21 and the Responsibilities of Being a Champion

"You're always training to fight someone who is training to fight you..."  That is a fighter's life according to Simon Marcus, and that's a very accurate portrait when you think of it. Simon Marcus, is not an enigma, he's not one for shadow games or deception.  Who he is however, is a man of ordinary means and on Friday, May 8th, a man with an incredible opportunity, the chance to become the middle weight champion of GLORY, the world's premier kickboxing association.  Ahead of this event, I had to opportunity to speak with Simon about what we can expect on Friday night as well as a peek into the life of the "Bad Bwoy".

For people who are unaware, Levin and Marcus have faced each other before.  During that bout that was conducted under Muay Thai rules, Marcus was the victor.  While he admits that a previous win over an opponent may inspire some level of confidence knowing that you have previously beat that person.  Today,  Marcus chooses to focus on the task at hand and what it will take to be victorious again. Marcus has also made the choice not to focus on the what ifs, especially 'what if he loses'.  He stated that in his life, he continues to strive and even in those instances when a fight does go his way he has a desire to continue to improve and get better as a person. Of the things that has striven to improve in the ring, Simon stated that he has upped his cardio which he demonstrated during open work outs at The Boxing Gym on Wednesday as well as during his hard fought victory during the middleweight tournament last month in Dubai.   Marcus also stated that he has challenged himself in improving his conditioning, strength and overall pushed himself to his limits in preparation for GLORY 21. He states that even on the winning side he is never satisfied with his performance and is always looking for ways he can improve. While he is highly critical of himself, Marcus also expressed that he is attempting to learn how to enjoy those successes.

Coming into the world of a disciplined fighter at age 18, as in the case of many other fighters, provided an outlet and an opportunity for him to turn a negative into a positive.  Instead of getting into trouble for fighting, it has now become his passion and something for which he now receives praise.  As for his personal road to GLORY, Marcus stated that he trained as hard as he could, fought as much as he could and believed in himself.  In addition to that Marcus stated that he travelled and made a lot of sacrifices.  He also stated that many times he fought for free and did everything he could to get experience, good training and anything he could to get better, not necessarily looking at the immediate pay out but his long term goal of getting to the top.

What does he bring to the ring?  Simon Marcus brings a warrior spirit and an intellectual mentality, not to mention a lot of power and heart.  Additionally Simon Marcus brings excitement and a willingness to pull out all the stops to get the win.

As for the future, Marcus plans to completely focus on GLORY and winning/defending the title.  His vision does not stop there.  Simon Marcus would like to be a person who will take GLORY to another level and having people interested and seeing what the best striking in the world is about. 

To anyone who might be interested in embarking on a journey such as this, Simon Marcus stated that he would not discourage anyone from pursing a fighter's life, but he quickly differentiated between having a calling vs. having an interest. He stated if a person is just interested in being a fighter for the accolades or whatever comes along with it, that might not be the way to go.  He added that if someone has a love for fighting or a person has fighting in them, and they feel that fighting brings out the best in them or develops them, then that would be a more satisfying path to take.  Fighting as a career and as a lifestyle is difficult emotionally and physically.

After retirement, which Marcus stated at this point he doesn't know when that will occur, his love of fighting, teaching and martial arts directs his future to remain on its current path, in the realm of combat sports entertaining options of possibly promoting or opening a gym and in that way continuing to pass the tradition on.  If we hadn't met Simon Marcus as the Muay Thai/kickboxing practitioner that we see today, Marcus stated that it's very difficult to guess where he'd be today as he was always fighting and getting in trouble doing it.  He admits that when he was younger he had an interest in basketball and was a good player in high school but didn't have the focus on school to continue on this path. From where he sits now Marcus appears to be happy, he is an accomplished fighter, a father and fighting in an organization that he feels is right on the cusp of becoming something huge!

Beyond Friday night, Marcus has no one in particular on his radar, stating that he believes his greatest fight is with himself because he has the belief that in anything you do, there is a constant inner battle to become the best version of you.

So while on Friday night at GLORY 21 we won't get to see Simon Marcus vs. Simon Marcus, we will witness a continuation of this young man's journey to champion status in a battle between two of the best middleweights in the world.  On Friday night, Simon acknowledges that he has tremendous opportunity and when it's one man's time, it's his time and critics can say what they like, but Friday is his time.  He feels he has done the things necessary to have earned this opportunity.  To his fans, Simon Marcus sends out a sincere and heartfelt thanks.  To those who have supported him and all the friends and family who have traveled to San Diego he expresses sincere gratitude.


Video: Lewis Parry and Vigney get heated at Glory 21 Weigh ins

Well after watching this short video of the weigh ins for Glory 21, I think its safe to say that Chi Lewis Parry has pissed off Xavier Vigney with his trash talk. Usually when people trash talk it's because they want to get a reaction out of their opponents so Chopper's mission was successful, now lets just hope they both make it through their first fight and meet in the finals.

Oh yeah and Demoreo Dennis knows exactly how to lighten the mood.



GLORY 21 and SuperFight Series Stream Information

Tomorrow is GLORY 21 and if you are looking for a stream for the SuperFight Series for the main card look no further than here. The SuperFight Series can be purchased and watched by those within the United States, but not the main card. There are restrictions in ex-Yugoslavia as well.

So check it out.

Superfight Series
Glory 21

A Breakdown of GLORY 21

Tomorrow night on Spike TV GLORY 21 will hit the airwaves in an event headlined by two of the very best Middleweights in the world squaring off for the GLORY Middleweight Championship. Artem Levin will defend his GLORY Middleweight Championship against the challenger Simon Marcus in a rematch of a bout from two years ago that saw Marcus get the best of Artem Levin under the Lion Fight banner.

On top of that will be some Raymond Daniels violence and a Heavyweight qualifying tournament featuring some fresh, new names. Let's break things down.

Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus

This is a fight that we've seen before and it's between two of the best in the division. The only name that is missing from the equation is Joe Schilling who has proven to be a foil to both men at different points. What's funny is that some combination of those three have held claims to being the best in the division in both muay thai and kickboxing for some years now. 

While Marcus was able to get a win over Levin in muay thai rules in their first meeting it's not an assurance that the same will happen here at GLORY 21. Levin is incredibly slick and well-adjusted to kickboxing rules. His strengths rely on his hands, footwork and ability to slip and counter-strike. For Marcus his strengths are generally within the realm of muay thai; elbows and of course his clinch. Those are tools that he won't have at his disposal in the GLORY ring. He's had success of late in the GLORY ring, but not against anyone the caliber of Levin.

I see Levin having the tools to defeat Marcus and probably via decision, but it wouldn't shock me if Marcus took a decision here either.

Raymond Daniels vs. Justin Baesman

The matchmaking here is rather transparent to me; this fight is to feature Raymond Daniels on television and hoping that he does something really cool. No offense to Baesman, but making his kickboxing debut against Daniels is not the best way to go.

Heavyweight Tournament

There have been some shakeups in this tournament of late, so now we are looking at Xavier Vigney vs. Maurice Jackson and Demoreo Dennis vs. Chi Lewis Parry. 

Xavier Vigney is an interesting case of a fight who made his professional debut in the K-1 World Grand Prix in 2012 against Seth Petruzelli. That takes guts and dismantling a veteran like Petruzelli with ease like he did took skill. His second fight was against Zabit Samedov and didn't quite go as well, but he still showed promise. He's pumped the brakes a bit since then and this is him moving to that next level. There isn't a lot to say about Maurice Jackson than to ask where his record of 31-0 came from. It's fair to say that Vigney should win this, but Jackson is a big guy.

Originally slated to be Chi Lewis Parry vs. Everett Sims we now have Demoreo Dennis filling in. Dennis, you might remember, went the limit with Pat Barry earlier this year and most smart fans had their scorecards in favor of Dennis and not Barry in contrast to the judges. While Dennis has some holes in his game, he's been focused on it for longer and this is a big shot for him. Chi Lewis Parry talks a big game and his record in both kickboxing and MMA is impressive on paper right now, but we've still yet to see what he can really do against real competition. Dennis is a step up in competition for him and he can prove himself a bit here. 

It appears that Lewis Parry vs. Vigney is the fight that everyone wants to see in the finals, considering they were originally supposed to meet at a recent GLORY event until Vigney fell prey to a training injury. I think that Vigney wins no matter what, but there is still so little known about Lewis Parry that it is hard to really predict.

As for the SuperFight Series, well, there have been so many changes within the last 24 hours to that card that it feels unfair to come to any conclusions without research. There is, of course, not enough time to really research most of these fighters at this time, so just try to enjoy the fights.


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