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Demoreo Dennis is Ready to Unveil The New and Improved Demoreo in 2017

Fulfilling the dream of being a top athlete is no easy task.  It’s not only physically demanding, but also calls for sacrifices in every aspect of your life.  It’s a challenge that few are actually willing to accept.  As armchair athletes, we all can talk at ease about what someone should or should not be doing; we can easily critique an athlete’s performance on their field of play.  When it comes down to visualizing a goal and putting that dream into action are you actually there or still on the sidelines?  The struggle is real, but Demoreo Dennis, no stranger to challenges is putting his foot down and has made up his mind to accept whatever challenges he faces and give it all to be the best. 

An Oklahoma native and the eldest of four children children, Demoreo was inspired to give martial arts a try on a whim to simply lose weight and remain active after leaving college.  Before that time, he and his brother Myron, who is now also a professional kickboxer and MMA fighter, had played football in college and in that arena the name of the game was to be big and athletic. Once football was over Demoreo found himself weighing 460 pounds and just being a self-described fat ass instead of an athlete.  It was at that time he and Myron stepped into Kentrick Coleman's Academy of Martial Arts.  The initial workouts, according to Demoreo were grueling but having never had anything in his life defeat him, his will to preserve inspired him to go further.

Today with a kickboxing record of 12-7 and an MMA record of 6-3, Demoreo has found a home with Glory Sports International and has marked 2017 as the time when he will show the world that all his hard work and effort has not been in vain. 

His road in Glory has been no easy trek; currently he has no wins in this organization. In his Glory debut he faced the Englishman, Chi Lewis Parry at Glory 21 in San Diego, this bout ended with a KO loss.  Next, in early 2016, Dennis faced Glory newcomer, Guto Inocente at Glory 27 in Chicago. In a bout that stunned fans and critics alike Dennis suffered a devastating  KO via spinning kick early in round one.  In reflecting on that fight, Dennis stated that he could not have anticipated the spinning body kick and admits that Inocente’s style is quite different than his usual opponents.  Instead of getting tired, however, Dennis became inspired. The most significant inspiration being derived from his decision to travel to Holland and spend a few weeks at Mike’s Gym learning some new skills. The time spent under the tutelage of Mike Passenier gave him a renewed hunger for the sport, some new skills and a reshaping of his strategy.   Passenier who has trained some of kickboxing’s superstars including Murthel Groenhart, Melvin Manhoef and Badr Hari, introduced him to techniques which Dennis feels have improved his speed, balance strength and intelligence which has in turn, taken his game to a new height.  Dennis speaks fondly of his time in Holland stating that since that time he’s grown tremendously and he’s chomping at the bit to showcase the skills he’s been honing.

Like the mythological phoenix rising from the ashes, Dennis is now even more determined to ascend the world heavyweight kickboxing ranks.  According to his new philosophy, there is no such thing as ring rust or a day off; 150% effort must be given at all times in the gym.  He is not willing to waste any of his training days. 

On what he loves about combat sports in general, Dennis stated, that he started in the game to be a mma athlete, a sport which he still loves and practices regularly.  Kickboxing however is where his head and heart lies.

While he has no immediate fight plans Demoreo states that he will continue to train hard until he gets another shot in the ring.  Does he have any opponents in mind? Dennis states that his toughest opponent has always been himself, so taking on his own tendency to over-analyze and becoming more at ease in the ring is his first challenge.  After that? He’s ready for anyone.

While 2017 is just beginning, it will be interesting to see exactly what tricks Demoreo Dennis has up his sleeve.  In the meantime you can follow his progress on social media @SuperDemoreo on Twitter or on Facebook on his page of the same name. 


Bellator Announces Bellator Kickboxing 5 and 6 in April

Bellator will be returning to Europe on April 14th with Bellator 177 in Budapest, as well as Bellator Kickboxing 6. Bellator Kickboxing 6 will be headlined by the rematch between Bellator Welterweight World Champion Zoltan Laszak and former champion Karim Ghajji. Ghajji was the favorite going into the bout but Laszak put forth the performance of a lifetime to earn the Bellator gold in a fight that you can watch below.

Bellator Kickboxing 6 Main Card:

Welterweight World Title Bout: Zoltan Laszak (11-2) vs. Karim Ghajji (97-13-1)

But before that, Bellator will be returning to Italy for Bellator Kickboxing 5, piggybacking on Bellator 176. The card will be headlined by Giorgio Petrosyan against Amansio Paraschiv

Bellator Kickboxing 5 Main Card:

Flyweight World Title Bout: Denise Kielholtz (46-3) vs. Martine Michieletto (34-12-5)

Giorgio Petrosyan (83-2-2-1NC) vs. Amansio Paraschiv (23-5-1)



KNOCK OUT vol. 1 Fight Card

KNOCK OUT is back this weekend with another great card they are calling Vol. 1. It will be taking place at the Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday Feb 12th at 5pm (JST)/ 12am(PST)/3am(EST). The show will be live on Sportsnavi. The main event has Genji Umeno up against Juan Mario Kaewsamrit, KNOCK OUT's last card every fight ended in KO except Umeno's so you know hes going to be looking for it this time. Co-main event has rising superstar Tenshin Nasukawa against 17-1 professional boxer Amnat Ruenroeng where we will see if Tenshin can stop Ruenroeng's hands with his kicks.

Full Card

Genji Umeno vs. Juan Mario Kaewsamrit

Tenshin Nasukawa vs. Amnat Ruenroeng

Hikari Machida vs. Daiki “DJ Taiki” Hata

Tosuke Morii vs. Hirotoshi Murata

Kenta vs. Shinya Indo

Eisaku Ogasawara vs. Hiroya Haga

Fukashi vs. HIroto Yamaguchi


K-1 Japan Announces K-1's Return to Saitama Super Arena in 2018

To say that kickboxing in Japan suffered a severe blow when FEG's K-1 went bankrupt would be an understatement. While the sport was already struggling in Japan from rounds of bad press, the dissolution of K-1 was effectively the end of kickboxing as we all came to know and love it. 

Since 2014 K-1 Japan -- under agreement with K-1 Global -- has been putting on some of the best kickboxing shows on the planet, highlighting lighter weight classes with fighters primarily from Japan, but also talent from all over the world. In those years they've made the best out of a bad situation and have been able to book stars like the Urabe brothers, HIROYA and Masaaki Noiri while building up new stars like TAKERU, Minoru Kimura and Kaew. At a press conference today in Saitama, K-1 gathered 56 of K-1's best fighters for an announcement that on March 21st, 2018 K-1 will return to the Saitama Super Arena.

The event, which will be held in the arena where many historic K-1 events took place, will be a triumphant return home for the sport of kickboxing and the K-1 brand in Japan. They believe that they will set the building up for 18,000 fans, although it should be noted that Saitama Super Arena can be configured to hold well over 20,000 fans. The organization wants the March 2018 event to serve as their big, yearly event much like the prior K-1 World Grand Prix for heavyweights in December or the K-1 World MAX tournaments became mainstays in both July and October. They will hold smaller events in Saitama Super Arena as well, but the March event will be the big one.

It's clearly too far away to predict who will be fighting, especially with K-1 Japan holding a ton of events this year, but it's safe to assume that they'll be putting their best foot forward on March 21st, 2018. In addition, K-1 Japan, KRUSH and Khaos will all be merged under the name "K-1 Japan Group" while keeping their individual show names moving forward, but talent-sharing will be across the board.


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