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Melvin Manhoef vs. Hisaki Kato at Bellator 146

For the past few months there has been talk about Melvin Manhoef retiring from combat sports, in fact, it was going to happen on a Manhoef-promoted show until any mention of that kind of disappeared. Now we know why. Bellator has decided to bring back the ever-entertaining striker for Bellator 146. His opponent? None other than the man who recently shocked the world by knocking Joe Schilling out, Hisaki Kato. 

Kato made his Bellator debut at Bellator 139 against Joe Schilling in a bout many saw Schilling winning only for Kato to score a dramatic knockout to secure the win. Manhoef was holding his own against Schilling in his last Bellator appearance until Schilling came back and scored a pretty crazy knockout. For Manhoef he can get some form of redemption while Kato can once again prove that he can hang with the elite strikers in the middleweight division.


WGP #26 Quick Results

WGP held their 26th event this weekend featuring a 94.1kg title bout between champion Felipe Micheletti and Guto Inocente that saw Inocente walk away with the title after a decision. Results are courtesy of WGP.

WGP # 26 - Official results 

Up to 60kg: Jhonatan Fernando Duck Leuch won by unanimous decision of the judges side; 

+ 94,1kg: Alex Marmaduke Ricardo German won by TKO in the second round; 

Up to 64,5kg: Gesiel Portuga Guilherme Antunes won by split decision of the judges side; 

Up to 71,8kg: Williames Jackal Cristiano Fagundes won by unanimous decision of the judges side; 

Up to 60kg: Bruno Cerutti won Miguel El Faraon Abad unanimous opinion of the judges side; 

Up to 85kg: Maycon Silva Fernando Almeida won by split decision of the judges side; 

Up to 85kg: Rafael Ricardo Snooze Kratos won by unanimous decision of the judges side; 

Up to 85kg: Junior Alpha Ariel Machado won by split decision of the judges side; 

Up to 75kg: Rafael Teixeira David Silveira won by knockout in the second round; 

Up to 64,5kg: Vinicius Bereta Eduardo Borba won by unanimous decision of the judges side; 

+ 65kg: Barbara Nepomuceno Moreno Talita won by knockout in the first round; 

Up to 85kg: Junior Rafael Kratos Alpha won by unanimous decision of the judges side; 

Up to 94,1kg: Guto Inocente Felipe Micheletti won by unanimous decision of the side judges.


GFC Fight Series 4 Most Likely Canceled

What happens to a promotion that was having trouble attracting fans to the arena to watch Badr Hari and Gokhan Saki when they book an event without either fighter? The answer seems to be putting together a show that will never happen. GFC was set to hold GFC Fight Series 4 where they'd hold another 4-man heavyweight tournament where the winner would filter into a larger heavyweight tournament.

When it comes to star power this show was indeed lacking with James McSweeney of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights fame being the biggest name on the card. According to McSweeney's facebook things have seemingly gone south for the promotion in regards to this event and it has been canceled. McSweeney seems rather upset.

Ok so yesterday I get a phone call from a @theofficialgfc employee telling me that Gfc have had some problems regarding the fight show on September 18th just under two weeks away, and the have made the decision to cancel the whole event! So all is fighters on the show have trained and dedicated are lives, dieting, training, sparring for the past 8/10 weeks getting ready for this event for it to be cancled last minute, this is not the first time this event has been cancled the last show they were ment to put on got cancled also. I am extremely sorry if you have already bought and paid for your tickets, I have friends and family that already bought airline and hotel tickets to Dubai from the UK!!!! I have tried numerous times and ways to contact the CEO Prince Amir but he is not returning my calls or messages. NOW we will see if this company respects fighters or not? If they PAY the fighters? I have put $1000s into my camp getting ready for this tournament, flights for my coaches frm holland hotels, food, nutrition , the list goes on.......... Now let's see what they do???? What do you the fans think???

By the looks of it another upstart kickboxing promotion has bit the dust, one of the many in recent years. While GFC could still get their act together in the future, their events have been plagued by uncertainty from the start. 



New challenges - An interview with Gábor Görbics

For the first time in Muaythai Mania's history the event will not be at it's usual location of Szentendre but Budapest. Looking at the card fans can expect some great fights in a guise of women's and a man's tournament with four participants in each and some superfights.

In the female fights Irén Rácz, Alexandra Kovács, Tímea Bélik and Fruzsina Nagy will clash in 63,5kg (~140lbs) while Roland Berényi, Dániel Bodnár, Ádám Gaál and Krisztián Kovács will meet in the 71kg (~156lbs) category. The organizers are looking for a fourth member in full swing as aninjury left Daniella Éltető without an opponent.

As it was revealed earlier in the men's superfight freshly crowned Venum Fights world champion Gábor Görbics will meet none other than Phetsangkhat "Check Bin" Deo, a former Rajadamnern champion, Russian K-1 Grand Prix tournament champion thai fighter with nearly 200 muay thai fighst under his belt.

Without further ado Gábor Görbics on his last fight, trying muay thai, his preparation and more!

Q: - How was the Debrecen show from the inside? Can you talk about the fight and your opponent a bit?

A: - I knew that I'm going to go in there with a very confident, tough opponent who has solid skills, a nice record and that according to the books I'm not the favorite so I went in there with the underdog's calmness. I trusted myself although I knew that anything can happen. I have tons of experience against good fighters in boxing, K-1, so I have plenty of experience but this was certainly something different. I was really focusing on this one and managed to pull it out.

Q: - We knew that for some time now you've been thinking about giving muay thai a try but it has been quite a busy year for you so far. How did you get to the decision to jump into it right now with the Venum show just behind your back?

A: - You know I always try to get better, focus on my kickboxing a bit more and fill some gaps while boxing still remained my big love, because it is my base, where I'm coming from . If I'm on my phisycal and mental game, I'm ready for anything.

Q: - You have quite the dance partner for your debut. Did you want your hands that full yourself by picking a guy like Phetsangkhat "Check Bin" Deo?

A: - I look at muay thai as a brother to kickboxing and I really don't have anything to lose here. I want to test myself and obviously I'm going in there to win. It is an honor for me and I want to give fans a great fight!

Q: - How do you prepare for the fight? To what extent is it different than a usual fight camp? Do you visit muay thai gyms or bring in people to work with you?

A: - I have a number of days at our gym, Titan, but I try to visit a few guys who have plenty of experience and work with them. Also my head coach Gábor Juhász is trying to add his insights to the whole so I feel we'll bring an A game and make a fun fight for everyone.

Hereby I would like to thank Gábor Juhász, Gábor Kádár, Csaba Lelekács, Jenő Svasznek, Zsolt Erdei, Zsolt Bedák, Benji Bacskai, Norbert Szentkúti and everyone else who has added to my game, my training or results and helped ous out along the way. It would be way too much to mentione them all. This is a result of teamwork. And the team includes my wife and child as well, who always support me and endure when times are tough or when I'm cutting weight.

Thank you for the interview! Wishing you best of luck in your preparation and for the fight!


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