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GLORY and Hayabusa Unveil New Gloves at GLORY 23 Open Workout

Hayabusa has officially become the glove brand for Glory kickboxing. Prior to open workouts on Wednesday August 5th, an impressive demonstration of the high tech gear took place at Drysdale BJJ in Las Vegas. On deck for this demonstration was Glory welterweight conteder Nieky Holzken and former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. For those who might be wondering if GSP still has it, have no doubt he does. Both Georges and Nieky Holzken made Hayabusa's debut with Glory and open workout everything a fan would like to have seen. Each man alternately went four rounds displaying brutal kicks, knees and punches. Their finale was a round of light sparring between the two because, if you haven't heard, Holzken is set to take on Raymond Daniels Friday night at Glory 23 for the welterweight championship. So, the two took it easy on each other to prevent any injury.

For those who've never heard of Hayabusa, the company has been around several years offering participants in combat sports a host of products including clothing and equipment designed for maximum safety and comfort. In the industry, Hayabusa has developed a reputation for product superiority and definitely lives up to its name. Per their website, "The "spirit of the fighter" philosophy of honor, respect and tradition influences the design and construction of all Hayabusa products." On Friday, August, 7, 2005, the legion of combat sport fans around the world will be able to see whether the product can outlast the likes of Holzken, Daniels, Sam, Vigney and many others as they face off in the ring at Glory 23.

Following the product/skill demonstration of St. Pierre and Holzken, Daniel Sam and Xavier Vigney, the co-main event of Glory 23, gave the press and fans a taste of what they can expect to see. Daniel "The Warrior" Sam was first to hit the mats during open workout. As usual, the never nervous and massively built Sam put on a display of power that was definitely meant to convey to the crowd at Drysdale BJJ that he is ready to take on the up and coming Vigney who as of late has devastated his opponents and endeared himself to fans. Xavier "X-man" Vigney provided the afternoon's finale demonstrating the agility, strength and power that has made him a winner in several sports. As is the case with any fight, either opponent can potentially be the last man standing either through skill, luck or a combination of the two. The displays by Holzken, Sam and Vigney at open workouts, at the very least, were an enhancement of the storm to come at the Hard Rock Casino on Friday night. 


Check Out Fighting For Glory: The Joseph Valtellini Story

When reflecting on the last few years in kickboxing it is hard to ignore that one of the best up-and-comers was hands down Joseph Valtellini. He took the kickboxing world by storm by competing against the best of the best in GLORY's Welterweight division. He rose to the top, winning the GLORY Welterweight Championship.

This new documentary follows Valtellini's fighting career and his life in and outside of the ring. It's great insight into the life and times of a champion and a must watch for fans. 


Jerome Le Banner Successful in Retirement Fight and More

Hot on the heels of K-1 MAX legend Mike Zambidis hanging up the gloves K-1 legend Jerome Le Banner has followed suit and ended his JLB Retirement tour with a victory in France. He fought against a late replacement of Karl Roberson from the United States and Roberson impressed many with his performance against Le Banner. JLB was victorious, which is what matters here, and gets to go out a champion. Congratulations Jerome and thanks for the marvelous career.

Of course, there were more fights on this Fight Night San Tropez card, a lot of which involved some big names. The show was a mix of muay thai and kickboxing and, well, some stuff went down, that's for sure. The big news would have to be Aleksandr Vezhevatov defeating Filip Verlinden as well as Sergei Papin defeating Danyo Ilunga. Yohan Lidon was victorious over Jonatan Oliveira to round out the card and it's interesting that a card like this will be impacting global rankings so much. 

Results thanks to our friends at Kiksie, an awesome Kickboxing database that everyone should be checking out

1. Kickboxing 4×2
Sharos Huyer (Italy) def. Bakari Tounkara (France) by decision
2. Kickboxing 4×2
Frank Munoz (Spain) def. Zinedine Hameur-Lain (France)
3. Muay Thai 5×3
Yodwicha Por Boonsit (Thailand) def. Jimmy Vienot (France) by decision
4. Kickboxing 4×2
Fabrice Aurieng (France) def. Yuksel Ayaydin (France/Turkey) by decision
5. Kickboxing 4×2
Aleksander Vezhevatov (Russia) def. Filip Verlinden (Belgium) by decision
6. Muay Thai 5×3
Lizzie Largilliere (France) def. Petchoydying Mor (Thailand)
7. Kickboxing 4×2
Sergei Papin (Russia) def. Danyo Ilunga (Germany) by decision
8. Muay Thai 3×3
Yohan Lidon (France) def. Jonatan Oliveira (Brazil) by TKO
9. Kickboxing 5×2
Jérôme Le Banner (France) def. Karl Roberson (United States) by decision

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