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Video: Alexey Ignashov Loses Unanimous Decision To Ali Cenik

Alexey Ignashov returned to the ring today in Budapest, Hungary after a long hiatus from the sport. He fought Ali Cenik in the main event, with many hoping that he could have a successful comeback.

Well, not surprisingly, Ignashov lost a unanimous decision to Ali Cenik. He had the same problems that have plagued him time and time again. He just barely did anything and fought with no urgency, like he was half asleep in the ring. This has been the story of Ignashov's career and it was the story of the fight today. Cenik landed low kicks and punches to get the win, which I consider somewhat surprising due to the size advantage, even though, it is against Alexey Ignashov.

There wasn't much action in the fight but some guy in the crowd did have a police siren and kept playing and talking into it, if you find yourself getting disinterested. Check out the video.


Photos: It's Showtime and SuperKombat Weigh-Ins

It's Showtime and SuperKombat are both holding events tomorrow and as is the custom, they both held weigh-ins the day before the event. Weigh-ins really aren't as prominent in kickboxing as they are in MMA per say, but promotions are starting to emphasize them more and more. 

For the first time ever, every single fighter at It's Showtime was on weight. A few interesting things were just how big Andrew Tate looked next to Sahak Parparyan, and how Daniel Ghita looked like a boss in his suit. SuperKombat held their weigh-ins at a mall, and tomorrow the event will be in a 30 000 capacity soccer stadium in Cluj Napoca, Romania.


SuperKombat Opens Website

SuperKombat finally opened their new website yesterday. Before, it was a bit difficult to keep up with them because they didn't have a website where all the information was in one place.

Now they do, though. Their full fight card is up on the site, along with fighter bios and videos of fights from the promotion. They've also put up their event schedule for this year, with more events coming on July 7, October 20, November 10 and December 8.

They've even got a live stream up for their events now, which is great because it's hard to watch if you don't live in Romania or have Eurosport. Here's the full fight card they've assembled, below:


Glory Launches

GLORY relaunched their website for their events, today and it's looking much better than before. The site had been previously running but it didn't have much on it so they completely revamped it.

Now there's a bunch of content up on the site, including news, previews and also fighter profiles. You can find everything about the upcoming GLORY card that takes place May 26 in Stockholm, Sweden on the site.

Some of the cool stuff up so far are the fight previews, which they have up for Semmy Schilt vs. Errol Zimmerman and Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Fabio Pinca. They can be seen here and here.

On, you can watch all their events live if you pay the relatively small price. They also have a bunch of fight videos from all of their events that they own and you can watch them too, and you don't have to even have a paid membership like before.


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