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Sergei Kharitonov Back To MMA, Faces Tony Lopez May 26 At GLORY

Sergei Kharitonov was originally supposed to fight Semmy Schilt on the May 26 GLORY card in Stockholm, Sweden. There was a last minute change, and Errol Zimmerman ended up getting the fight, which is for the GLORY Heavyweight title. Sergei remained on the card though, and now has an opponent.

Kharitonov will be fighting Tony Lopez, but it will be an MMA fight. It's an interesting turn of events, as it looked like Kharitonov would be sticking to K-1 rules with GLORY centering their promotion around kickboxing. GLORY also has a heavyweight kickboxing tournament coming up this year which he'll be in. He recently knocked out Mark Miller in the first round at GLORY's March 23 event.

GLORY's event on May 26 in Stockholm, Sweden features the "First 16" of the 70kg tournament where a $300 000 prize is waiting for the winner. Featured are Giorgio Petrosyan, Robin van Roosmalen and Yoshihiro Sato to name a few and in super fights, Gokhan Saki will also be fighting. Click here for the full fight card.


SuperKombat Explains Sergei Laschenko Situation

SKI'm sure at this point you've seen our story on Sergeii Laschenko claiming that he was slighted out of money and his car by SuperKombat. We reached out to Laschenko as well as his management and have not heard back from them yet, sadly. We've also reached out to SuperKombat and spoken with a few officials now, and it is clear, that at least from their perspective, they've done what they could for Sergeii and this seems like a misunderstanding. Sergeii simply did not want the car and wished to sell it, leaving the car in the showroom although it was signed to him. His management also appeared to demand Irimia and co. sell the car for them. Attached is a press release from Eduard Irimia.

"Dear SuperKombat and martial arts fans,

After the last rumours regarding the prize from last year's Superkombat tournament that was not paid, I have the next comments and a very clear position.

We announced the finalists that the winner will get a Mitsubishi Lancer RAlliart special edition and at the end of the tournament I asked Lascenko's manager what he decided to do with the car as Laschenko is from UKraine and he told me that would prefer the "net" cash money from the car price, without taxes. I agreed to help them to sell the car in Romania as I understood is difficult for him to manage with documents and registration but I asked a power of attorney necessary for selling the car in the name of Lascenko.

Since this discussion, I was waiting those documents and they sent me only letter by hand or email asking me to sell the car as official documents! And that way the time was running, and even the clients we found to sell the car were very skeptical to buy the car as we could not provide official documents in the name of Lascenko.

At one moment I received a message from one of Lascenko's managers, Donatas Simanaitis of Lithuania, who tried to blackmail me with big negative campaign on the internet, against me and the SuperKombat. I attached also this conversation to prove it.

As a conclusion because we always respected the fighters, we are waiting Lascenko to get his car and we close the eyes on the situation he created as our partner who provided the car is not happy with this negative campaign, as well as our international broadcasters.

I am so sorry that I tried to involve more that I suppose to and in life we pay for our action but I am sure that people who check the evidence will understand. Until than keep the eyes on SuperKombat live 12th May and by the way this year we have as prize a Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4!!!! I am hoping that this year the winner will respect more the prize he will get."

Eduard Irimia, SuperKombat


- from Donatas Simanaitis, Lithuanian manager, blackmailing Mr Irimia:
- from Mike Passenier:

UPDATE: We've received further word from SuperKombat that Eduard Irimia would like to announce that he will no longer work with any fighters under the management of Mr. Simanaitis until Simanaitis issues a public apology, as Irimia was even trying to help Laschenko. They've also provided us with copies of Laschenko's letter giving Irimia power to sell the car and his documentation to do so.


Sergii Laschenko Has a Grievance with SuperKombat

Sergii LaschenkoNot all is always great in the Kickboxing world, and sometimes fighters and promotions have disagreements. It appears that Sergii Laschenko, winner of the SuperKombat World Grand Prix has yet to receive his winnings from the tournament, including his gift car. Laschenko posted on our Facebook, as well as just about every other Facebook imaginable, a simple plea addressed to SuperKombat promoter Eduard Irimia.

His plea reads as such;

"Mr. Edy Irimia,

please pay me my money or return me my car, which I winned during your GP

in Romania. Dont cheat on the fighters any more."

We've reached out to both SuperKombat officials and Laschenko to get more on this story, but until we hear back from SuperKombat write this off as a possible misunderstanding between the two parties which is hopefully resolved shortly.


Mike Zambidis Back On Saturday Against Fadi Merza

It's been known for a while now that Mike Zambidis would be fighting on this Saturday, April 28 but we're giving you a reminder as there have been a few changes that you may or may not be aware of.

Zambidis is fighting Fadi Merza just outside Athens, Greece in the suburb of Ellinikon at the Helliniko Stadium. He was originally supposed to fight Mohamed Khamal, but Khamal pulled out after the event was moved from April 21 to the current date of April 28. The fight is just a month before Zambidis returns to the K-1 ring on May 27 in Madrid, Spain in a rematch of one of the craziest fights ever against Chahid Oulad El Hadj.

Fadi Merza is coming off a loss to Yoshihiro Sato at Krush.16 on February 17. Merza is a veteran and has been around for a long time, though one could argue his best years are behind him. Nevertheless, he's a good fight for Zambidis just a month before his next fight. This is very similar to last year where Mike Zambidis faced Ali Gunyar, who is very close to Merza in calibre, less than a month prior to winning two fights in one night to win the W5 -71kg belt.


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