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Rumors of Igor Jurkovic vs. Remy Bonjasky for GLORY in Japan this Summer


How many retired fighters have their possible return match rumored about, debated over and demanded as much as Remy Bonjasky? Not many that I can think of. Sure, some MMA sites were reporting that Cro Cop's bout against Ray Sefo was his retirement fight and that his fight for K-1 a few weeks ago was a "return" match, but if you read LiverKick, you know better. Remy Bonjasky on the other hand, has been rumored to come back for just as long as he has been retired. Word started circulating right after his retirement that he wanted $1 million for a retirement fight, but not against Badr Hari, and we don't blame him for that. Then as K-1 was making its return and Glory was beginning to ramp up, there were rumors of him signing for both promotions. In fact, both sides were seemingly certain at one point, with Glory even mentioning Remy Bonjasky on their website and having a profile for him before removing it shortly thereafter.

The rumor now is two-fold. The first part of the rumor is that GLORY is looking to run in Japan this August. If so that will be huge, as K-1 has yet to make any plans for Japan, and outside of announcing Masato as an executive producer and seemingly having a crew of Japanese people behind the scenes, they do not have their sights set on running shows on Japanese soil -- yet. GLORY on the other hand is going ahead full force with their plans, even if their original plan of having the K-1 name fell through. After the amazing GLORY World Series show on May 26th it is safe to assume that GLORY knows how to put on a show when the world is watching. The other rumor coming out is that GLORY will run the Ukraine in September, a show which originally slated for mid-summer, but has been pushed back.

Back to Bonjasky, the big rumor is that he is slated to return to action in Japan for GLORY this summer against Igor Jurkovic. It would surely be an interesting fight for him to return to, and the possible addition of Bonjasky to the GLORY World Series tournament field would add a whole new air of legitimacy to it, as he is yet another multi-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, with three wins under his belt, marking him as one of the most elite Heavyweight Kickboxers ever. In a tournament field with four time champion Semmy Schilt, Gokhan Saki, Errol Zimmerman, Brice Guidon and more, this would make the Heavyweight tournament tip in favor of GLORY over K-1, who would only really have Badr Hari, Daniel Ghita, Sergei Laschenko and Hesdy Gerges to tip their scales.

We've reached out to GLORY officials for confirmation on this, but until we hear more, chalk it up as a very interesting rumor. [source]


SuperKombat Holds Local Kombat Bodyguard - Special Forces Finals This Friday in Romania

SuperKombatSuperKombat continues their quest to find the next great talent in Romania as they head to the Stadium Ion Oblemenco in the city of Craiova. The stadium holds a whopping 30,000 fans and the show is the finals of their tournament to find new, up and coming talents for the world of Kickboxing. Of course, being in such a large arena it shows just how popular the sport of Kickboxing is in Romania right now, so while the world is watching we can only hope that we find another Daniel Ghita from Romania eventually.

They'll even have a special guest by the way of Remy Bonjasky and a WAKO Pro Intercontinental 64.5kg title bout thrown in to the mix!

The fight card is as follows;

Final, 85 kg: Alexandru Nedelcu (Galaţi) vs Daniel Mocanu (Găeşti)

Final, 95 kg: Gabriel Flutur (Deva) vs Daniel Hurduc (Iaşi)

Final, +95 kg: Răzvan Ghiţă (Buzău) vs Mihăiţă Golescu (Râmnicu-Vâlcea)

Final, +95 kg: Răzvan Benche (Cluj-Napoca) vs Leonid Tcaciuc (Iaşi)

Superfight, 85 kg: Cristian Ristea (Găeşti) vs Daniel Alexandru (Iaşi)

Superfight, +95 kg: Marian Iurchevici (Bucureşti) vs Zsolt Bala (Oradea)

Superfight, +95 kg: Marian Iordan (Bucureşti) vs Florin Boboc (Craiova)

Superfight, 75 kg: Miodrag Olar (România) vs Darryl Sichtman (Olanda)

Intercontinental WAKO Pro Championship, 64.5kg: Ionuţ Atodiresei (România) vs Saşa Jovanovic (Austria)

The show will be available via PPV on as well as on Romanian television if you happen to live in Romania!


Remembering What Was WMAC Masters

Kickboxing and martial arts of the like have had a rough time in the United States, as we've seen over the past few years where MMA has seen a boom and contraction period, while Kickboxing fans have been sitting around waiting for something to happen. Muay Thai has started to get some followers through grassroots promoting, but nothing huge. If you grew up in the 90's, there is a chance you'll remember this, as Shannon Lee "hosted" a fake martial arts tournament taking place at Universal Studios in Florida featuring some of the martial arts world's leading stuntmen and women. It was called WMAC Masters.

In the vein of hong kong cinema and Bruce Lee's movie that inspired so much, Enter the Dragon, it was a martial arts tournament with larger-than-life characters. If you never saw it, well, just watch. If you did, maybe this will bring back sweet memories of years past.


Ryuji Kajiwara vs Thomas Adamandopoulos Set for Krush 63kg Title at Krush.21

Krush has solidified their commitment to bringing in foreign competition, announcing that 63kg champ Ryuji Kajiwara will attempt to defend his title for the second time against Frenchman Thomas Adamandopoulos at Krush.21 on August 12th. Kajiwara’s (22-10-1, 6 KO) last 8 fights have looked more or less the same, with Kajiwara sitting back and using his excellent counter-punching to find the flaws in his opponents, going 7-1 over those 8 fights, scoring a knockdown in almost every one of his wins over the likes of Koya Urabe, Kizaemon Saiga, Hiroya, Tetsuya Yamato and Naoki Ishikawa. His first title defense was a fun fight against Tetsuya Yamato which saw Kajiwara drop Yamato in the closing minute to secure a victory in an otherwise close fight. His most recent win was a decision over Hiroya at Krush.18 last month. Adamandopoulos (40-8-1, 23 KO) has fought in Krush once before, winning the ISKA World 62.3kg title over Keiji Ozaki by unanimous decision. However, since that win, Adamandopoulos has dropped two in a row, first losing his ISKA World title to Karim Bennoui by split decision at Nuit De Champions last November and most recently being KO’d by the heavy-handed Yetkin Ozkul for the same ISKA World title that he lost to Bennoui, who likely vacated it. Adamandopoulos is the better fighter and 10 years younger than Kajiwara, however the Krush champ should not be counted out. He has found a style that fits him well at this stage in his career and training with the Urabe brothers every day has done wonders for his boxing. I favor Adamandopoulos in this fight, but I favored Naokick, Saiga, Urabe and Yamato over Kajiwara and he found a way to score knockdowns on all of them, so Adamandopoulos better be on his game.

Another fight announced for the card is ISKA World 55kg champ Nobuchika Terado defending his title for the first time against former ISKA World title holder Andy Howson. The two were originally set to fight back at Krush.5 in January of 2010, but a foot injury forced Howson out of the bout. Terado (28-8-1, 12 KO) won the ISKA World 55kg title back at Krush.11 last August with a one-sided victory over the UK’s Kieran McAskill, sending McAskill to the mat several times throughout the fight with leg kicks. He is 3-1 in his last 4, with the loss coming in just 71 seconds at the hands of Krush 55kg champ Shota Takiya in a challenge for Takiya’s belt. He most recently defeated Team Dragon prospect Namito Izawa at Krush-EX 2012 vol.1 back in April. Howson held the ISKA World 55kg title under Muay Thai rules (Terado’s is the Oriental rules title) until last May when he was unable to defend it against fellow Brit Dean James. I do not believe he has fought since then, but considering it was over a year ago, it is possible that he has. I don’t know what ISKA has planned, but it would be nice to see the winner of this face off with James, though I am not sure what ruleset would be used.


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