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Latest Twist in Badr's Case: He's Suing the Police

BadrA part of me is beginning to feel like Badr Hari's personal life is like a bad episode of "As the World Turns" sometimes. Every day there are more and more complications for Badr, more news coming out about his alleged assaults or affairs and to say that his personal life is personal would be a stretch. The latest in the case of the beaten Dutch millionaire at the giant dance party is that Badr is turning the tables on the legal system.

Badr's lawyer has apparently lodged a complaint with the courts that he feels there is an open line of communication between the team handling Badr's case within the police department and Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf (The Guardian). He claims that the news outlet has too much inside information, that it clearly must be coming from the police and that it is illegal.


Thom Harinck: "Raul Catinas can be as good as Peter Aerts."

SuperKombat held another great event on Saturday and one of the highlights of the show was Raul Catinas winning again, stopping Domogoj Ostojic in the first round. Catinas has looked great and much improved since his return to kickboxing, and a lot of credit should be given to Thom Harinck of the Chakuriki Gym for the career rejuvenation of Catinas.

Our friends at spoke with the legendary trainer about Raul Catinas, and Harinck had some very positive things to say. He had this to say about Catinas' future:

"If it continues like this, Raul will become a true monster in the ring. But we will have to take care of him a lot because many people in this time of glory will come close. Some will entice him with money and may deviate him from the path of performance. We will form a circle around it. I think his career will end up being like Peter Aerts. We can say now that Raul Catinas is becoming one of the greatest fighters in history."

Harinck first saw Catinas when he fought Mighty Mo back in 2010 at the K-1 Final 16 in Seoul and was still impressed with him despite losing. He explained how he turned Catinas around as a fighter: 

"He is young, and like all young people, often trying to KO his opponent. I explained that a KO comes when you don't have to force it. Raul has a "fighter heart," not afraid of anything. It should still work. For example, when he came to me, he hardly used kicks and had no anticipation that I tried to teach all my students, to hit a little longer but if you already had learned and developed a sense of anticipation. A fighter is like bread, nothing if all the necessary ingredients aren't used properly."

Check out the rest of the interview here.



Badr Hari Still a Suspect in Assault, Victim's Name Released

Badr HariBadr Hari cannot escape his violent past, even while partying it up in the Amsterdam ArenA with his celebrity girlfriend, Estelle Cruyff, in a VIP box. As we reported earlier, at a Dutch dance festival in Amsterdam, Badr Hari was present and in his VIP box a 38 year-old man was brutally assaulted, with his leg and face badly damaged.

It looks like the victim is multimillionaire Koen Everink, and that the damages to his person might be so severe that he might never be able to walk properly again. The police have not ruled out Badr's involvement in the assault yet, although he and his lawyer claim he is innocent. From the reports that we are hearing he will give a statement to the police either today or tomorrow and hopefully this can be cleared up.

Even if innocent, this is far from the first run-in Badr has had with the law over violent assaults, the most recent in 2010 that hindered Hari from participating in the K-1 World Grand Prix, which was won by current UFC Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem.

Thanks to our good friend Simon Raedts for the report.


One Spot Left In SuperKombat's Year-end World Grand Prix Final

If you didn't know, all the tournaments that SuperKombat has been doing all lead to their World Grand Prix Final, which takes place some time at the end of the year. 

This year, there have been three tournaments. The three winners, Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas and Benny Adegbuyi have all advanced to the World Grand Prix Final. Joining them at the WGP Final will be last year's four finalists, Erhan Deniz, Ismael Londt, Sergei Lascenko and Pavel Zhuravlev, making this year's WGP Final an eight man contest.

It's a very good field for the heavyweight division, especially for a promotion that isn't K-1 or Glory. There's only one spot left, so it could get even better. It should be interesting to see how last year's four finalists match up with the ones from this year. Morosanu, Catinas and Adegbuyi have all shown noticeable improvements lately and seem to still be getting better, especially Raul Catinas.

The next spot will be decided at SuperKombat's next event, once again via the four man tournament format. 


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