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Kazuyoshi Ishii Finally Set to Unveil FIKA to the World

FIKAThere is word making the rounds right now that K-1 founder Kazuyoshii Ishii will make an announcement from China tomorrow in regards to a long-standing project that he has been working on, FIKA. The International K-1 Federation as it has been known by in previous years has been something that Ishii has been cooking up for quite a while now, and according to his vision would serve as the World Cup of Kickboxing with 32 countries being involved.

Ishii has been stewing on this idea for at least ten years now and according to one of the more reliable sources on everything Kazuyoshii Ishii, Akira Hattori, is set to finally be announced. FIKA will be financed by a Chinese fund and will be a partnership with WAKO, the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations. FIKA is set to be based out of Hong Kong with each involved country holding qualifications for a "world cup."

It is not entirely clear how the K-1 brand fits into this or if there will be talk of FEG's involvement in this whole mess, but it appears that Kazuyoshi Ishii, the man who helped bring K-1 to a global stage and set the pace for two decades in the kickboxing world is looking to do it again.


Joe Rogan: "If Someone's Smart ... They Buy K-1"


This is just an interesting tidbit we ran across today from Joe Rogan's podcast where he discusses a lot of fight-related stuff. He talks about how UFC is under investigation with the FTC for being a possible monopoly and that leads into how random it was that MMA caught on like it did. This leads the discussion to sports that have had a hard time of late and Joe Rogan starts talking about K-1 and how if someone like Mark Cuban were to step up to the plate and purchase K-1 that it would be a goldmine.

His line of thinking is not in any way far off from how we've been talking and it is a worth a quick listen to hear how passionate he is about it. Of course, I find it hard to agree with him that MMA is "better" and that Kickboxing and Muay Thai aren't as skilled or cerebral of sports because they lack grappling, but I do agree that people love to watch stand up fights and it is truly frustrating to see people not watch K-1, Kickboxing and Muay Thai more regularly or for more backers to take a chance on it and to do it right. To date no one has truly done Kickboxing any justice in the United States. [source]


Photo of the Day: Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima at UFC 137

No, I don't think that Yuichiro Nagashima has any interest in fighting for the UFC or in Mixed Martial Arts ever again. That isn't to say that he would not do it, but as of right now any sort of rumor that Nagashima appearing at a UFC event means he is signing or considering signing with the UFC (or that they'd want a Kickboxing with one pro MMA fight that wasn't a full MMA fight) is crazy. What isn't crazy is Jientosu on vacation and going to see a UFC event while in Las Vegas. Of course his garb isn't all that crazy when it is Halloween time in Vegas, either, so he fits right in. [source]



K-1's Official Word on the World Grand Prix Final 16

There is nothing new coming out of FEG with "postponing" the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 in Nanjing, but it is nice to see something official come from them. Of course, many will question the official reasons, which FEG cites as "visa issues" among others, unlisted.

October 27, 2011 - Tokyo, Japan - FEG has announced that they decided to postpone "K-1 WORLD GP 2011 IN NANJING FINAL16".

A press-release from FEG says they have been making an effort to hold K-1 WGP in Nanjing just before the date of the event but some issues FEG holds such as visa preparation have not been solved, Then they decided to postpone the WGP in Nanjing. In the release, They state they sincerely apologize to fans, fighters and all the persons concerned for this postponement, and also mention that further information will be announced after matters become certain.


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