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K-1 Global Official Facebook Page And Revamped Website

K-1 Global has been on Twitter for a bit now, and they're also on Facebook, here.

We can confirm that it's the official page, as it's linked to from K-1 Global's website. I'd advise all kickboxing fans with Facebook to "Like" their Facebook page to stay up to date and see other content that K-1 shares there. They've posted a photo album from when they were in Madrid, including the inside of the Palacio Vistalegre, which holds 16 000 people and where K-1's first event of the year will be taking place.

Along with the Facebook page, K-1 revamped their website, also. Coming soon are fighter profiles, photo galleries, and even a community to name a few things. The newly revamped website is a lot more accessible than the original one. I'm looking forward to the full version of the site, coming soon.


New Trailer for K-1 Rising on May 27th

K- is back and the time is drawing increasingly near. On May 27th the K-1 World MAX Final 16 goes down after a year's absence, and on top of that, two big heavyweight bouts including some of the biggest names like Daniel Ghita and Badr Hari. After a few weeks of radio silence, we are treated to a trailer which seems official but sounds and looks a lot like an It's Showtime promo video.


Melvin Manhoef Inks K-1 Contract, Hits Rock with Car

If anything, Melvin Manhoef has proven to be a good sport through most of his career. Look for no more proof than the video sent out by It's Showtime today taken just moments after Manhoef signed a new contract with K-1 at the It's Showtime office (his management) in the Netherlands. Melvin chose to take his Land Rover over a patch of grass, not noticing a concrete slab which he then proceeded to hit, scratching his car. They caught it on video and posted it online while Melvin jokes about it.

The important part to take note of here is that Manhoef has signed a contract to compete in K-1, which is no real surprise to anyone, but nice to know.


Aside From The Big Players, There's Tons Of Kickfighting This Month

Yesterday we talked about the current big four promotions, K-1, GLORY, It's Showtime and SuperKombat all putting on shows this month. While the big players in kickboxing putting on shows is awesome, there's also a ton of other quality kickfighting going on. We'll give you a schedule of some other great kickfighting action happening this month. Pardon me if I didn't include everything. Click "Read More" to see all the quality kickfighting action taking place this month.


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